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CSR beyond Company Philanthropy in a global crisis


Covid-19 has swept the world of its feet and has released a new planet order and distinct techniques of accomplishing things. Nobody is familiar with when the globe will be totally out of the woods.

The uncertainty has remaining several organizations and their personnel at a resolve. A lot more than at any time, lots of folks are hunting up to cooperation to be socially accountable by supporting the fight in opposition to the Novel Corona Virus. 

In Ghana, corporations have produced some donations in different strategies and parts by way of CSR. Some of these organisations have received backlash from their workforce, beneficiaries, stakeholders for the contributions manufactured.

Not to say, these critics are not in help of a donation for the public good, but they cited disappointment at these organisations for donating at the expenditure of other company obligations. The question then is, at what issue is Company Philanthropy (CP) mistaken for Corporate Social Duty (CSR) in totality? 

There is a reedy line involving CSR and Company philanthropy. Nevertheless equivalent, they are not the identical. And organisations can’t be held to CP at the expense of the larger CSR photo. I like to assume of CP as a part of CSR. In the hierarchy of a company’s tasks, Corporate philanthropy has a location. But can’t replace Corporate Social Obligation in its entirety. 

There are many definitions of corporate philanthropy as there are of company accountability. Nevertheless, the widespread denominator of all the definitions is the truth that corporate philanthropy is about the donation of methods to assistance defined beneficial social uses. Though a vital part of an organisation’s duty, CP does not signify the comprehensive scope of CSR at all.

Company Social accountability is how firms conduct their business in techniques that are ethical, socially pleasant and useful to the neighborhood in which they function. It goes outside of generating a donation or funding a social training course.

CSR, in my estimation, assist businesses remedy critical strategic inquiries: What do we bring to the surroundings we work? What effect are we producing in the life of the folks we utilize in this era of Covid-19? Will our enterprise and our running product stand the examination of time? Are our operations assembly all regulatory and authorized necessity? Will we continue to be in business enterprise further than Covid-19? If we will not, what actions are we putting in location to mitigate the influence of our non-existence? 

I think liable organisations owe it a obligation to on their own and the folks who depend on them to do additional than philanthropy, specially in this disaster. It is in the fascination of the point out to ensure responsibility over and above donations.

Right after all, what is the stage in producing a donation when workers are not becoming compensated and some are getting laid off? And performing environments do not motivate social distancing safety measures, among the other socially irresponsible behaviours in the title of Covid-19?

I consider we must all start out to see CSR further than CP and keep organisations to it. We are happy to get the donations, but what are companies carrying out to ensure enterprise continuity, employee basic safety, shopper security for the duration of and just after the Novel Coronavirus pandemic?

The point that company C has not donated to a fund does not suggest, they are not socially responsible. They could be up to one thing similarly greater and much more sustainable. I think donations ought to not be society’s only yardstick for judging a corporation’s amount of social obligation.

There are many issues organisations can do by way of CSR over and above donating income to assistance the battle towards Covid-19. Companies can aim on guaranteeing, for illustration, employee consolation and protection, developing a harmless operate surroundings that satisfies all the required security safeguards. Giving as a great deal adaptability as possible that permit employees to perform without sacrificing other tasks. 

Firms can maintain continuous and transparent conversation with equally external and interior stakeholders. Consumers, for case in point, could want reassurance your enterprise will be there for them: employees’, assurance of position retention and company continuity beyond Covid-19. Consequently the will need for consistent engagement in this period of time. As a lot as you can, keep your message very simple, favourable and concise. 

Organisations need to review their company processes, specially at this time and get rid of all tactics that impact their organization continuity post-COVID-19 negatively. 

Businesses can also support the govt by making certain adherence to lawful and regulatory requirements and not making use of the virus as a leeway to steer clear of tax and other commitments that assist the state.

There is so considerably a dependable organisation can do to support the society in these uncertain periods. In our quest to assume much more from them, let us not emphasis our interest on just philanthropic functions. Let us motivate obligation in its totality.

About the Writer 

The writer is an Accredited CIPR General public Relations practitioner. She at the moment functions with a Payment Methods Infrastructure Service provider as a Senior Officer in charge of Corporate Communications & Branding. Views expressed does not replicate the opinion of her organisation or her skilled association. Kindly ship your opinions to asantewaaankomah@gmail.com. Adhere to her on LinkedIn Eunice Asantewaa Ankomah Instagram: @asantewaa23 / Twitter: @AsantewaaTindi / Fb: Eunice Asantewaa Ankomah-Tindi.


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