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Freight Forwarders entreat government to suspend UNIPASS


Members of the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders have staged a protest to press home to government the need to suspend UNIPASS and revert to the GCNET system of clearing goods at the various ports.

The members claim the UNIPASS system has so many technical anomalies that continue to waste lots of turnaround time.

The Freight Forwarders pitched camp at the Customs Office of the Ghana Revenue Authority Thursday morning in Takoradi to register their displeasure.


Mr Paul Ato Bentil, an Executive Member of the Institute, said the system over the period had not aided in the smooth transactions of business at the port, causing too much delay, thereby affecting planning and forecasting of such businesses.


“The new system has not given us any real value as was touted,” he added.

The UNIPASS, introduced by the Ghana Revenue Authority was to promote a one-stop-shop of all financial and transactional dealings by Freight forwarders through a well-integrated system, but unfortunately many have been the negative attributes to the system since it was introduced.

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