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China has failed the world – Neurosurgeon with Korle bu


People wearing face masks walk on a street in Wuhan, China’s central Hubei province on April 14, 2020

A neurosurgeon at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital says China could have prevented the Covid-19 pandemic if they had only listened to their doctors.

Dr Hadi Abdallah speaking on ‘Personality Profile’ on Joy FM’s Drivetime with Lexis Bill, he stated that the global crisis would have been curbed if Chinese authorities had believed and listened to their doctors.

According to him, the same situation is playing out all across the world as political leaders continue to pay no heed to medical experts’ advice concerning the management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We failed to lockdown our countries where the need be. If we had probably locked down Ghana, we wouldn’t have had our first case coming in.

“If China had locked down Wuhan very early, the cases wouldn’t have gone up. That is where the problem was,” he said.

According to Dr Abdallah, locking down Ghana as soon as the disease was announced to be spreading to other countries outside China would have significantly reduced the impact of the pandemic.

“And you know as a Muslim, I always take solace in some lessons in what Prophet Mohammed said.

“And that is if you have or you hear of plague or an epidemic of a sort, in a particular city, nobody from that city should be allowed to move out,” he said.

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