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Job opening: Applicants interviewed for role of ‘Director of Operations’


Over the years, many reasons have been given for why mothers are amazing caregivers and need to be celebrated.

It seems the list keeps getting longer every passing day.

Today, as mothers all over the world are being celebrated for the selfless sacrifices made in the lives of their children, a video attempts to describe the job requirements of being a mother.

The participants who at the beginning assumed they were being interviewed for the role of a ‘Director of Operations’ at a company, were left emotional when they realized they had refused the offer which was actually the role of a mother.

From having to give the ‘associate’ unlimited attention to being available 24/7 and also work for free, the participants had all refused the job offer.

They had described it as inhumane and an infringement on the rights of a person.

But after being told there is someone called ‘mom’ who does that job without complaining, they quickly sober up and send emotional messages to their mothers; thanking them for the gift of life and the numerous sacrifices that go unappreciated.

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