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Poem: A mother’s journey – MyJoyOnline.com


She’s got the whole world up her sleeve
Reaching out to all

How she does it,
We can but only attempt to understand.
Before all of this, X makes its way with X not Y. This complex XX formed, she keeps in her.

The relationship between the duo, amazing.

Even in this age of sophistication, how she becomes what she is today; a question for tomorrow. I say this: the foundation of her energy.

At the very onset,
Control covers her entire nature, crawling her way, up and there, and everywhere. She shows early signs of her prospective future. Natural as they call it, tend to be replaced by flowers, upon perming. I say at this point, the journey to pursuance of eternal beauty begins.

Soon before you realize,
I am ‘Maame’, she proclaims.
Organizing small groups intermittently.
Even at this stage, she runs things!!
Choosing her Paapa for the rare life experience.
Haha,  knowing tomorrow story even without been told. I call her a  Genius.

Fast forward, nature breaks her lose. Pushing her through a new phase. Consciousness clutches her mind.
As she begins to pay close attention to these changes. Biological accessories touch her up, something eyes of the other group cannot handle.
Now faced with that burden she alone must bear; to choose from a diverse soup of proposal. I say at this point, she moves responsibly and discerning.
How her entire life peaks in its description,
Is when nature blesses her with actual babies.
At this point, nothing else matters.
Swimming through fire for them is not herculean anymore.
Trading her comfort becomes second to her nature. What’s even heart-warming,
Is when she’s her own support system.
Her style and flair, exquisite in its delivery.
I call this one, “words can’t describe”.

And when her offspring record even trivial victories, the excitement, and pride in her eyes: priceless.
How she reacts when the win is big, you can only imagine.
Tell her, how bad her baby is, and she will pop up ‘’Cardi B’s’’ favourite line…. ‘’I like it like that’’. But where discipline is due, it is never relegated to the backseat. I say this is a big fat Nobel heart.
Later when she can’t seem to maintain the tempo, that time when grey hair has located her scalp, calling you a distance 100 meters away to get her something an arms-length closer.
Calling out your name, just for the fun of it
becomes a norm. Pampering the grandbabies: even when they are wrong: annoying sometimes. But I say, what’s there for her to see again, experience comes around.

What more can you expect?
When: energy, beauty, ingenuity, responsibility, discerning, experience, nobility, and all the thousand plus values combine in full fashion. Nothing short of greatness.
Mothers deserve all the love. Mothers deserve all the pampering.
Mothers deserve all the tolerance.
All that is great, mothers deserve.

On this day,
We reflect and see how indispensable you have been in our quest for greatness.

We say ‘Ayekooo’

Long live mothers.

Long live motherhood.

Long live our world.

The writer, Rexford Obeng is a student at University of Ghana, Legon


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