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Centre for Plant Medicine endorses 9 organic products as immune boosters


The Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine (CSRPM) at Mampong-Akuapem has recommended 9 natural medicines for use as immune aid and supportive therapy for the relief of some signs and symptoms of the novel coronavirus condition (Covid-19).

The solutions are COA FS, Herbetine Organic Powder, Herbetine Herbal Combination, Viva Furthermore Powder, Ayisaa Opinto Natural Tea, CD Capsules, Amen Depomix Powder, Amen Fevermix Capsules and Amen Chestico Capsules.

The nine medications were being component of 33 natural items submitted to the centre by the Ghana Federation of Classic Medication Practitioners Associations (GHAFTRAM) to build their potency for the administration of the Covid-19.

A letter dated Might 11, 2020, which accompanied the report on the preliminary analysis operate and suggestions on the herbal goods, was signed by the acting Executive Director of the centre, Dr Kofi Bobi Barimah, and tackled to the Minister of Wellness, Mr Kwaku Agyeman-Manu.

It was copied to the Chief Director of the Ministry of Health and fitness, the Director of Traditional and Alternate Medicine Directorate and the President of GHAFTRAM.


In accordance to the report, the initial suggestion was based on four key aspects — the biological things to do of the medicinal plants applied in the formulation, the standing of the merchandise as Food items and Medication Authority (Food and drug administration)-registered nutritional nutritional supplement to help the immune process to battle a assortment of diseases, the standard makes use of of the plant constituents and some chronic toxicity scientific studies and anecdotal medical facts obtainable on the item.

The assessors also appeared at the numerous medicinal crops applied in the preparation of the items, reviewed details readily available and the microbial load analyses on appropriate products.

“Based on our preliminary evaluation, we post our recommendations, as connected, for your essential action,” the letter to the minister stated.

Other merchandise

Although just one of the remaining 24 goods, Kingdom Garlic Bitters, was registered by the Food and drug administration as an immune booster, the centre asked for the manufacturer to present “ingredients” to allow the analysis of the product or service to be finalised.

On COA FS, for occasion, the centre explained it was registered by the Fda as a dietary supplement to assistance the immune process to combat a variety of illnesses, and that continual toxicity scientific studies confirmed the drug did not have a deleterious influence in rats on extended administration.

“Studies exhibit COA FS has anti-viral exercise in opposition to HIV. Anecdotal medical knowledge collected confirmed COA FS significantly reduced viral hundreds in HIV and Hepatitis B individuals,” it explained.

It reported in its report that Herbetine Natural Powder, Herbetine Organic Combination, Viva Plus Powder, Ayisaa Opinto Natural Tea, CD Capsules and Amen Depomix Powder ended up all registered by the Food and drug administration as immune boosters.

According to the centre, Amen Fevermix Capsules ended up registered by the Food and drug administration for the therapy of malaria and entire body pain, and that preliminary clinical data assortment showed the drug experienced antimalaria action and did not have a deleterious outcome in people.

For Amen Chestico Capsules, it reported it was registered by the Fda for managing malaria fever and normal bodily pains, and that sub-long-term toxicity reports confirmed the medication did not have a deleterious influence on rats on prolonged administration.

Subsequent period

The centre claimed it was likely to embark on the following period of its assessment of the items.

“The next phase of our assessment will include continual toxicity and anti-viral scientific studies of items of curiosity. We will update you [Minister of Health] on the progress of the analysis in because of study course,” the letter indicated.


The evaluation operates by the centre have been also carried out on nine other unregistered solutions that handed microbial load analyses recommendations. They have been Ayisaa Situate, Applauded Capsules, Ed-Osborn Garlic Mixture, Key Herbal Booster, Kingdom Garlic Capsules, Duodena Herbal Tea, Assad Immune Booster, Impound and Defender Natural Products (soap).

Centered on the evaluation, the report recommended the 9 unregistered medications for use as supportive remedy for the Covid-19, subject matter to Fda registration.

 The suggestion was primarily based on some components, designed up of the organic routines of the medicinal plants made use of in the formulation, the classic use of the plant constituents made use of for the formulation and the products passing acute toxicity and microbial load analyses.

Failed solutions

There were being, having said that, 14 other products that failed the evaluation. They were unregistered, and when they were evaluated, they unsuccessful microbial load analyses.

The centre explained all the “products have passed acute toxicity reports. Nevertheless, they did not move the microbial load assay”.

In that respect, the producers have been questioned to post samples of a further batch of their items for microbial load examination, introducing that the “quantity of sample submitted was not ample for the analyses”.

The medications are Workforce Anti-Viral (immune booster and respiratory technique), Kwela Inexperienced Tea (higher respiratory tract infections), Kwaya All Power (immune booster), Omouye Viral Combination (immune booster), Give Many thanks To Almighty Organic Powder (viral infections), Gyena Capsules (immune booster) and Mico Herbal Powder (Hepatitis B & C, blood purification and immune booster).

The rest are: Feli Organic Powder (immune booster), AC Immune Booster (immune booster), Oppong Anti-Viral Mixture (viral an infection and immune booster), Opam Tonic (viral an infection, immune booster), Stay on Organic Syrup (viral infection, immune booster), Asumang J333 Organic (viral infection) and Duodo Booster Powder (immune booster). 


The Basic Secretary of GHAFTRAM, Nana Kwadwo Obiri, informed the Everyday Graphic that dependent on the suggestions of the CSRPM, the federation was completely ready to manufacture the merchandise for free for the therapy of Covid-19 clients at the time the govt was prepared to supply the raw elements.

In accordance to him, the 33 products had been submitted to the Ministry of Well being for onward submission to the centre for evaluation based mostly on the conviction that natural professional medical practitioners had anything beneficial to present in the battle from the Covid-19.

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