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FAQs: Can Covid-19 effects a pregnancy?


As Covid-19 proceeds to loom, fears have been lifted among the expecting women about the impact of the virus on being pregnant. 

Overall health gurus have disclosed that there is no latest report to present how Covid-19 might affect a expecting female.

However, that is not the only worry some Ghanaian pregnant ladies are fearful about.

Some would like to know if they really should take early maternity leave amid the pandemic or irrespective of whether they can infect their toddlers. 

Talking on Joy FM’s Supreme Health and fitness Exhibit, Sunday, some wellness professionals educated the public and worried mothers-to-be to reply the most popular thoughts bordering Covid-19. 

Also on the panel was Head of the Nationwide Covid-19 case management team, Dr Chris Owu

Commonly Requested Concerns

  1. Is pregnancy regarded an underlying affliction?

Dr Chris Owu, a specialist anesthetist and Head of ICU at the University of Ghana Medical College, Korle Bu Instructing Hospital, and Head of the Covid-19 Countrywide circumstance administration claims no.

“We are not thinking about it as a comorbidity even though we know being pregnant arrives with its have difficulties which in Covid may be exaggerated.”

  1. Does being pregnant make a girl much more vulnerable to Covid-19?

Dr Michael McCarthy, a advisor Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at non-public hospital, Sinel Specialist Hospital  in Tema responded.

“This is a new virus and we are likely nevertheless to just take a expecting girl from beginning all the way by to the end to actually have an understanding of the entire interaction amongst Covid-19 and being pregnant. 

The reply is not all that crystal clear but it appears to be like like from the experiences that are coming in, we are not observing pregnancy as a substantial hazard as regards to Covid-19. We are all receiving the exact same stage of chance publicity, they can get the ailment and expecting girls are not immune.

The other point we need to have to recognize is pregnancy arrives with its possess problems. A girl can have diabetes as a end result of pregnancy, she can get hypertension just as a consequence of pregnancy and so on. These then turn out to be more comorbidities that may perhaps worsen the affliction in a covid-19 affected person.

We are not certain however, so we are just remaining cautious.

  1. What measures are in area to continue to keep expecting females who have not examined optimistic, safe and sound and sound in hospitals?

Dr Owu:

There are many issues we do to consider to cut down anxiety and control it. The nervousness will come due to the fact women talk to these queries a) how safe is my pregnancy? b) how risk-free are hospitals, c) how would the shipping and delivery be like?

A person of the 1st things we’ve done is test to cut down the speak to with the hospitals. We’ve established an online platform. We have decreased the frequency of ante-natal visits. So striving to lessen the quantities. 

Also we have attempted to decrease the overall quantity of people at the Out Affected individual division so that folks are not crowding.

The protocols at the healthcare facility give some perception of protection and safeness. Screening at the entrance, hand washing, and the use of hand sanitizers, distancing at the OPD. Well being Workers also give assurance that sufferers are risk-free.

So we are trying to minimize the anxiety by placing all these things in area.

  1. Will a mother who has examined optimistic for Covid-19 and has shipped effectively be separated from her newborn following beginning?

Dr Owu:

“No, she will not. Our countrywide guidelines and the obstetricians’ pointers which are aligned with the Earth Wellbeing Organisation’s guidelines in fact states ‘do not individual the mother from the baby’. There are safeguards that we take, items that we do and types that the mother will just take as effectively. 

So hand hygiene and the putting on of the masks will however be in outcome. The mom is permitted to breastfeed her newborn but if for any explanation for illustration, the mother is not effectively and anyone else has to just take care of her newborn, they will get comparable safeguards. If not the female is permitted to consider treatment of her baby.”

  1. Can I plan to get expecting during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Dr McCarthy:

We really do not know every thing about Covid-19 and being pregnant still and so each couple’s problem is unique. There are unique situations. It’s not a undesirable time to postpone a pregnancy. If it’s feasible to postpone a pregnancy, that is wonderful. It may perhaps be valuable since we really do not know what’s likely to happen in two, a few or 6 months from now. We are hoping it’ll blow in excess of and all the things goes down but what if it does not? 

We have experienced cases in Ghana in which there’s been a lack of blood simply because of Covid-19 in lockdown and some patients are not having the blood that is expected for being pregnant-similar troubles. 

So there are ramifications of being pregnant at this time as methods are remaining directed to other points. There are going to be additional complications, not necessarily from the virus but from organisational difficulties since people may perhaps not get to medical center on time, individuals might not get to healthcare facility at all and extra problems may perhaps arise. 

So if you can avoid being pregnant that is basically not a terrible final decision. It ought to be a common determination.

  1. If a pregnant woman has to deliver her baby by cesarean how do physicians guarantee the toddler doesn’t agreement Covid-19?

Dr Owu:

There is some uniqueness to Covid-19 in the point that it is a respiratory virus unfold by respiratory secretion as versus HIV. There have been steps that we already have in location for providing ladies who were HIV favourable to make confident they do not agreement HIV. Equivalent measures are in location for when we do caesarean area and usual deliveries with a favourable mom.

We do not have sufficient proof to clearly show that the virus is remaining transmitted throughout the placenta. We have appeared at breastmilk, and don’t have any evidence that it is transmitted through breast milk. So we persuade them to breastfeed.

  1. “I’m pregnant and scared of going to the hospital. What are my selections?”

Dr Rene, a clinical coordinator and a mom-to-be answered.

It’s about picking the right hospital to go to. Discover a medical center exactly where you really feel secure, a hospital that places in all the actions to make it safe and sound for persons and you will sense cozy.

  1. I’m pregnant, how long can I use a mask for?

A midwife also on the panel, Agnes Osei responded.

Appropriate now we are all protecting ourselves. You can’t tell how protected it is when you go out there and the very best evaluate is for you to place on your deal with mask. When you are likely out, especially to the healthcare facility, you are going to meet up with other individuals there. It is really harmless to put on your facial area mask.

“Although it appears actually frightening now, allowing for dread to induce you to miss your ante-natal courses is not the very best issue now. Somewhat, try as a lot as probable to defend yourself. Go the extra mile, get a facial area shield for you, try to eat effectively, drink a lot of h2o, try to eat a well balanced diet plan and do not permit the anxiety to affect you to do the things you are not supposed to do like taking in concoctions these as herbal mixtures. 

Keep in mind that you have a little one inside of you so you just can’t attempt all all those factors. Do the basic points, and you are excellent,” Dr Rene furthermore advised.

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