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GNCFC keen to collaborate with GHS, Law enforcement to intensify Covid-19 education and learning


The Ghana National Canoe Fishermen Council has expressed its readiness to get the job done with the Ghana Wellness Company (GHS) and other state security companies to intensify training on Covid-19 in all fishing communities.

Govt Member of the Affiliation, Nii Djamiodja made this charm through the Much Ban Bo fisheries discussion on Adom FM’s Burning Challenges.

“The Affiliation is calling for a potent collaboration with Ghana Health and fitness Service and the Police Services to boost public training in coastal communities. We provide as officers for the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MoFAD). Each landing beach has a Main Fisherman,  so once we get the needed guidance, we will perform with them to ensure adherence to the protocols,” Nii pressured.

He also acknowledged receipt of nose masks and sanitisers from MoFAD subsequent a promised produced on an before discussion on the exact same programme.

“We have acquired 1500 nose masks and 200 sanitizers from the Ministry to Greater Accra branch of the Affiliation. We are encouraging our users to use the nose mask and the sanitizers. The challenge is how to maintain social distancing in the canoes.  The seats in the canoe make it challenging to practise social distancing as it demands a sure range of people today to make it balance” Nii discussed.

Vice President of the Nationwide Fish Processors and Traders Affiliation (NAFPTA) Emelia Abaka Edu additional to the have to have for intensified training on Covid19 as men and women are nevertheless disregarding the severity of the virus. She indicated her associates have began in their own smaller way to educate the women in particular inside the Ahanta West Municipality, but they will want help from the regional authorities to make this additional impactful.

“We are hoping to see the District Assemblies and MoFAD outline their plans to us so we would get the job done collectively to guarantee compliance.  Most of the gals in the Affiliation have been qualified to do the appropriate matter. But we however have numerous girls who are not users of the Affiliation. We would hence  encourage all the other women into fish processing to be part of fingers to make matters operate smoothly” Emilia pleaded.

The Programme Manager of Mates of the Country Kwadwo Kyei Yamoah urged fishermen to use the nose mask properly and make certain that children who accompany their parents to fishing expedition wear the nose mask as well.

“Some fishers get their small children to the seashore and really don’t give them the nose mask to don. That shouldn’t be encouraged. We also need to instruct them how to do the hand washing rightly since the danger is the ailment keeps spreading. Now that the management of the fisheries is getting some ways, MoFAD must transfer to work with them so items can be finished well” he mentioned.

A General public Wellbeing Nurse, Cynthia Appiah confident the Fisheries Associations Neighborhood Wellness Nurses are in all coastal parts to also assist in the instruction.

The Considerably Ban Bo fisheries dialogue is supported by the European Union in partnership with Treatment Intercontinental, Close friends of the Nation and Oxfam.


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