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NDC’s Yayra Koku provides evidence to prove NIA and EC want to rig 2020 elections [ARTICLE]

He said the EC plan to disenfranchise a significant number of persons in NDC strongholds adding that the EC’s grand scheme to rig the 2020 general election for the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Data from NIA indicates that 5.1 million (5,159,569) cards have been issued to registrants.

Executive Director of NIA, Prof. Ken Agyeman Attafuah

Executive Director of NIA, Prof. Ken Agyeman Attafuah

6 million did not have primary documents required for registration.

According to the data, six million (6,041,938), representing 71% of the 8.5 million people registered, did not have a birth certificate, a valid passport or existing Ghana Card, which are the primary documents required for registration but Yayra Koku said the figures by the NIA are false.

He provided statistics of the NIA registration in both NPP and NDC strongholds to prove that, the EC and the NIA plan to disenfranchise people in the strongholds of the NDC.

He said the “NIA registered 2.4m people in Ashanti Region and issued 1.7m cards out with a backlog of over 400,000.

“In the Eastern Region, they have registered 1.2m people and issued over 600,000 cards out with a backlog of over 140,000. Don’t forget they have not even finished with the registration in the Eastern Region.

Jean Mensa, EC boss

Jean Mensa, EC boss

“These two regions are the stronghold of NPP. The funny thing is, in these regions, NIA deployed all their Machines there. Now check this out”.

In a Facebook post, he provided the statistics that “In the Upper East, NIA registered over 220,000 people, issued over 49,000 cards out and have a backlog of only 45,000.

In the Volta Region, NIA registered over 560,000 people and issued over 420,000 with a backlog of 3,700.

“Upper West, they registered 147,000 people and issued over 26,000 with a backlog of 2,700+.

“I can go on and on and on. The figures are scaring, and I’m shocked Attafuah is allowing this useless government to manipulate him. He has lost his integrity.

“Now check Greater Accra, they registered 1.9m and have issued 1.2m with a backlog 6,045.

“I know some people will say the figures don’t add up. Yes because they have printed some of the cards and are unable to issue them out. This means NIA has to go to these regions again and issue the cards out. For example, in Upper West, they have printed over 144,000 cards but have only issued 26,000+. Same with other regions.

“In all, NIA has not issued over 3.5m cards out.”

He, therefore, charged Ghanaians to rise against the EC and the NIA to rig the elections in favour of the NPP.

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