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Weija Dam requires instant focus: Citizens converse on cracks and looming spillage


People of Weija have named on authorities and the Ghana H2o Enterprise to take care of the cracks on the Weija Dam as the wet year begins.

Inhabitants at Tetegu all the way to elements of Dansoman and its environs have been victims of perennial flooding as a consequence of spillage of the h2o remedy plant.

Hundreds of locals are either displaced or lose houses working into millions of cedis each yr when there is a spillage.

“We are appealing to the drinking water authorities to action in speedily due to the fact the rains are coming and we can’t endure any flood. I’ve stayed here for near to 10 years and each individual 12 months I go as a result of this issue. It will be worse with the Covid-19 now spreading when we come upon one more flood. We know the president is a listening father and we are interesting to him to do a thing about the Weija Dam else catastrophe awaits the country,” Nii Boye Adama explained to the media.

“We have a good deal of concerns but the flooding is the issue. Now we listen to there are cracks all over the dam and this is horrible. Do they want us to die?  Our youngsters have to practically swim before they get to faculty or colleges never open at all. It is not simple, the Ghana Drinking water Business Constrained and the authorities ought to hear our cry this calendar year,” Roselyn Amoah, a trader who has been in the location for about two decades lamented.

A student, Isabella Gyan, mentioned: “I’m fearful. Each and every year this is what we go however. Past 12 months my little sister nearly missing her everyday living when the flood came. A close friend was also practically electrocuted when he stepped into drinking water with an electric powered wire in it. Our life are in hazard. We are attractive to our MP and officials to help save us this time for the reason that we simply cannot battle flood and coronavirus at the same time.”

The Weija Dam was created by the Kutu Acheampong regime in 1978 for h2o cure and source to about 80% of homes in Accra at the time.

It has, considering the fact that, remained a main nationwide asset, even if it now supplies only a third of Accra’s inhabitants. The 5 concrete water channels of the dam have noticeable cracks which are very horrifying

It has not received any significant renovation considering the fact that it was crafted.

Further injury is identified in one particular of the gates of the 5 concrete h2o channels of the dam that h2o spills by the gate is defective and malfunctioning.

In accordance to some of the people, they anxiety that, if the Weija Dam is still left to deteriorate even more, the facility’s structure will shortly collapse, swamping hundreds of properties and carrying away incalculable lives and assets.

The inhabitants, hence, called on the federal government to renovate the structure, or, build new drinking water channels.

“We don’t have anyplace to relocate to and this is our only put. We can not be struggling to rescue our kids all the time all over this time of the year. Authorities must listen to our cry. We are begging them. It’s even scary with coronavirus in this article with us,” Nii Obodai, a resident explained.

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