Home Technology 22,683 grams of suspected narcotics intercepted at Ghana-Togo border

22,683 grams of suspected narcotics intercepted at Ghana-Togo border


A joint operational staff has intercepted 53 parcels of suspected marijuana at an unapproved route on the Ghana-Togo border in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta Area. 

The parcels hid in a bail of employed apparel weighs about 22,683.2 grams. 

GIS officer seeking to lower open up the bail

The workforce which incorporated officers from the Ghana Immigration Support (GIS), Customs, Excise and Preventive Provider (CEPS) and the Narcotics Handle Board (NACOB) designed the interception in the course of a regime patrol exercising in the Conquer 6 border enclave on Saturday, 16 May perhaps 2020. 

A push release signed by the Officer In-demand of the Volta Regional Public Affairs Unit of the GIS, Asst. Insp. Felix Klu-Adjei indicated the team, on the other hand, unsuccessful to make any arrests.

“The entrepreneurs of the contraband, upon seeing the officers advance in direction of them immediately abandoned the goods and fled into neighbouring Togo”, he said.

He explained that the GIS Aflao Sector Command has introduced a manhunt for the suspects with the hope of bringing them to e-book.

Asst Insp. Klu-Adjei included that the GIS Patrol Border Team built a identical interception of 31 parcels of suspected cannabis 48 several hours previously at the defeat 11 border enclave. 

He also disclosed that the contrabands have given that been formally handed more than to the NACOB in Aflao for further more investigations. 


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