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Ice ice baby: Message from the Morning Male


Today, I would like to start off by wishing you all a productive working day. But what would make a successful day in any case? How do you evaluate these points? How do you ascertain at the stop of the day, whether or not you have been productive or not? Is it by the number of jobs you have attained? What should really a productive use of your time appear like? Properly, here’s my remarkably subjective, open-to-dispute definition:

Efficiency is a measure of how very well you use your time.

Do you concur? Disagree? Or concur to disagree? Ok, let us occur back to it later on.

Time is the scarcest resource in the entire world. We are all supplied just 24 several hours in just about every day. How significantly you can do with that time determines how productive you are. There is even so a false impression about time. Some folks imagine that we all have equal amounts of time and so we all have an equal prospect at being successful. This is not genuine. Just about every day may well consist of 24 several hours, but we never all have an equivalent amount of days to live, do we?

The other day, in church, the Pastor said anything that chilled my spine. I’ll paraphrase: “Humans are like ice cubes taken out of the freezer. With every passing moment, we are melting”.

How legitimate. Look at your facial area in the mirror this morning. Is this the way you looked when you ended up five yrs old? Why do females commit more time having completely ready as they get more mature? Is not it simply because there are far more blemishes to patch up? When gentlemen lose their hair, and begin to stoop, are these all not symptoms that they are melting?

Now, here’s the point: we are not all melting at the exact fee. Some of us have considerably less time than other folks. The difficulty is none of us appreciates how considerably time we have before we soften. What bothers me, even so, is the truth that we really don’t seem to be to realise that we are melting. It appears we just take it for granted that we will live eternally.  We will not o!

God appreciates greatest in all factors, but the frightening real truth is that any of you listening to this message could be taken away from us right before this really yr finishes. It could be you. It could be me. I absolutely pray for you all each early morning. I never want to reduce a solitary one of you. But sadly, it’s not up to me.

This is why I’m startled by the way we all act as if we will stay without end. We never know how a great deal time we have left, which implies we never have time to waste!

A long time in the past, when I turned ill and was compelled to start off drinking h2o yet again, it was difficult, but one of the things I did to make it easier was to pour my water about tons of ice cubes. It chilled the water and built it more pleasant to consume. Anytime I completed ingesting a glass of h2o, I would glimpse at the remaining cubes and imagine, what a waste, so alternatively of leaving them to soften without having a purpose, I would pour more drinking water about them and drink it up as effectively. I would keep performing this, pouring fewer drinking water more than them each and every time, mainly because the far more they melted, the considerably less ready they had been to chill a comprehensive glass of water.

As human beings, we are inclined to do the reverse. We postpone all the things ’til afterwards. We think we have all the time in the planet, so we drive all the overwhelming tasks to some imaginary later date, with out realising that we may well not have a later day. And even if we do, we would have melted even a lot more by then than we have nowadays, and so we won’t be in a position to do as significantly. Why give your long term weaker self-more operate to do and leave your present stronger self-sitting idle and choosing your tooth?

If now was your past day, what would you do with it? That ought to be the question you ought to question oneself each and every early morning, for the reason that you really don’t have time!

Why are you not setting up to are living your aspiration today? That is what you will have to check with on your own this morning, since you don’t have time.

When are you heading to call him/her and apologise? That is your query for now, since you really don’t have time.

All you can pay for is a person bag of cement. Is that not a start out? This is what you will have to answer right now, due to the fact my close friends, you do not have time.

Efficiency is a measure of how well you use your time. Do you concur now?

My people today, it is a new working day. You are blessed to be alive in it. Are living every single day like it is your previous, and do the significant lifting nowadays. Fill your glass right now, because you’re strong more than enough to chill it. Fill your glass today, so that tomorrow, you are going to only have a fifty percent-glass to deal with. Fill your glass these days, mainly because you have been presented these days. It is all you have, so act appropriately.

My identify is Kojo Yankson, and tomorrow is not promised, so I simply cannot waste right now.

Fantastic Morning, GHANAFO!

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