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Fameye reacts to Edem’s ‘we are hungry’ tweets


Musician Fameye has mentioned that the outbreak of the coronavirus has not impacted his finances like it has for some of his colleagues.

He was reacting to rapper Edem’s declare that artistes are hungry since the royalty and payment systems have failed them.

He wrote on twitter that new music is a serious job as any consequently artistes must be equipped to rely solety on it for their survival.

Fameye mentioned that whilst he agrees that coronavirus has exposed the process in the business he does not wholeheartedly concur with Edem.

In accordance to him, his shows have been cancelled even though many others postponed but he continue to has plenty of profits from his functions to consider treatment of himself.

“We are all not hungry,” he claimed in an job interview with Hitz FM’s Kady.

He described that he has also invested in other ventures like farming which is helping him income in more income.

“Coronavirus not has influenced me to that point I can not do just about anything,” he additional.

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