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Message from the Morning Man: Gomoa Nazareth

The other night time, I go through a little something in the Bible (why are you laughing?). John Chapter 1. It was the tale of how Jesus created his staff. The portion that struck me was about Nathaniel. He was not instantly recruited by Jesus. It was Philip who came to him with tales of Jesus and inspired him to be a part of them in adhering to the Rabbi from Nazareth. Nathaniel’s answer was, “Can just about anything superior occur out of Nazareth?”

For some odd purpose, this created me imagine of my Father.

Of all the men I know and admire, my father has generally been a certain source of inspiration. He grew up in the smaller village of Gomoa Odina. Right until his teenage years, when he remaining dwelling to show up at Apam Secondary College, my father understood absolutely nothing further than the borders of his little village. He experienced by no means met any professors in his life. In actuality, there was no one in the village with a college degree. There had been no role versions to gasoline his ambitions of bigger finding out and a vocation in academia.

For most young Gomoa Odina-ites in the fifties and sixties, profession alternatives ended up quite constrained. They would possibly develop into farmers or farmers’ wives. Some may well come to be pupil instructors, and there would surely be a trader or two, but that was it. It is nonetheless not very clear to me when or why my father determined he was likely to be unique, but the moment the determination was designed, everything he did was various.

His frame of mind adjusted, his priorities improved, his operate ethic transformed. His sights were set on anything considerably past his humble environment, and when he was dedicated to that vision, his environment straight away turned way too smaller for him. His situation could no for a longer period have him, and so just as you’d hope in physics when the contents outgrow the container, he burst no cost and occupied new territory and continued to improve, right up until he became the man I know and admire right now.

My friends, quite a few of us arrive from humble origins. We had been not surrounded by examples of the persons we dream of getting to be. This would make it quite hard for us to obtain our comprehensive possible. It limitations our achieve and forces us at times to dream small.

Who owns the enterprise you do the job for? I’m confident you see no comparison in between them and you. I’m positive you imagine all sorts of great ailments in their childhood which led to their latest achievement. Perfectly, you could be stunned.

My father had no prosperous mom and dad. He was the fourteenth baby of an impoverished (but relatively horny) farmer and his wife. He experienced no privileges or rewards rising up. He experienced to generate each and every prospect he bought, and he designed use of the very same tools available to his compatriots. 

To fork out his secondary college expenses, he would provide sugarcane. This was an choice accessible to all his buddies who dropped out of faculty, but my father’s sights were established on some thing bigger, and so he was prepared to do a thing extra to attain it.

He confronted hurdles that would have stopped his colleagues in their tracks. At age 19, he manufactured my 16-yr-outdated mother pregnant. For any other man in Gomoa Odina, that would have been the level when they’d give up on lofty desires of attending College, settle into married lifestyle and have 8 or 9 more kids but not my Dad. Nothing could get in between him and his goals. He simply took my mother and my more mature sister along with him on his quest for success.

Today, the sugar-cane-selling fourteenth boy or girl of a farmer from Gomoa Odina is one particular of the world’s foremost industry experts in Maritime Biology. Just very last 7 days, he had the final honor of Professor Emeritus conferred on him by the College of Cape Coast. This is essentially the absolute greatest academic achievement readily available to man. There is almost nothing above it.  Even in his retirement, he continues to accomplish, and his information is sought close to the globe. Today, the name of Professor Kobina Yankson is celebrated in pieces of the earth whose existence he could only have imagined as a boy, and he accomplished this from beginnings that ended up significantly extra humble than yours or mine.

So definitely, what is our justification? I really don’t know wherever you occur from, but, if it is something like Nazareth or Gomoa Odina, then a thing great can certainly arrive out of there. Why should not it be you?

My identify is Kojo Yankson, and I refuse to share the restrictions of my compatriots, because my goals are more substantial than my situations.


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