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J.K. Rowling stupefies followers by revealing the real truth all over the origins of ‘Harry Potter’

For yrs, supporters of the beloved “Harry Potter” franchise have flocked to Edinburgh, Scotland, to stop by the web sites the place author J.K. Rowling experienced reportedly begun writing the collection.

But now, Rowling has discovered Edinburgh is in fact not the place the producing of the boy who lived commenced.

“I was leasing a space in a flat above what was then a athletics shop,” Rowling said on Twitter, with an impression of exactly where she resided at the time of crafting the initial book. “The to start with bricks of Hogwarts ended up laid in a flat in Clapham Junction.”

And admirers were — to borrow from the guides — have been essentially petrified.

The information arrived soon after a fan posted a photo on Twitter of the Elephant Home, a espresso store in Edinburgh which on its website describes by itself as the spot “made well known as the position of inspiration to writers this kind of as J.K. Rowling, who sat producing a lot of her early novels in the again place overlooking Edinburgh Castle.”

The lover requested Rowling to reveal “the real truth about this ‘birthplace’ of Harry Potter.”

Rowling, who is known to drop several bombshells and unfamiliar tidbits about the franchise on Twitter, spelled out that the genuine “pen to paper” birth of Harry Potter himself, transpired in her flat.

Nonetheless, she said, the moment the place she experienced the thought for the series alone was though she was riding on a prepare.

“If you outline the birthplace of Harry Potter as the second when I had the preliminary thought, then it was a Manchester-London teach,” Rowling tweeted.

“But I’m perennially amused by the plan that Hogwarts was instantly influenced by gorgeous places I observed or visited, since it’s so significantly from the real truth.”

As for the higher flying, bludger smashing recreation of Quidditch, Rowling said it was birthed in 1991 after a one-evening continue to be at the Bourneville Hotel in Manchester.

Rowling went on to dispel some of the other rumors around her inspirations for crucial icons from the Harry Potter globe.

For example, a supporter tweeted a picture from the bookstore Livraria Lello, in Porto, Portugal, that supposedly inspired the Hogwarts library. The only hassle is, Rowling mentioned she has under no circumstances been there.

She did acknowledge that she wrote in a cafe in Rua Santa Catarina, Portugal.

“If it cheers up the persons who’re disappointed about the bookshop in Oporto, I wrote in listed here occasionally,” she wrote. “This was almost certainly the most gorgeous café I at any time wrote in, essentially.”

Rowling also mentioned that rumors close to her inspiration for Hogwarts itself overlook the mark as well.

“I from time to time listen to Hogwarts was based mostly on 1 or other of Edinburgh’s universities, but that’s 100% untrue, way too,” Rowling mentioned.

“Hogwarts was created prolonged just before I clapped eyes on any of them! I did complete Hallows in the Balmoral, even though, and I can not lie, I’d price it a smidge higher than the Bournville.”

Out of all the “utter nonsense about Potter landmarks,” Rowling explained her favorite is individuals heading to a parking meter she supposedly employed in Edinburgh while producing the “Deathly Hallows.”

“I can’t drive,” she wrote.

Sadly, when it will come to any spoilers about impending work, Dumbledore voiced disappointment very best: “Alas, earwax.”

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