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My appreciate letter to EC Manager, Jean Mensa

Hello admired Jean,

The ruling NPP and an opposition NDC stand to shed when there is however a different election violence in this state but the EC loses even much more. And to believe it would be you in cost of this EC, bleeds my coronary heart even much more. I can not arrive to phrases with a plausible point that my beautiful Jean will go into background as the EC manager who plunged the nation into a senseless chaos when she could have nipped it. I therefore publish to you (resolved as My Dear) this like letter.

My expensive, electoral roars have constantly taken the variety of war tracks when all seems to have failed, when the referee is witnessed as obtaining believe in challenges. That’s why my mother’s unforgettable dysfunction nonetheless lingers as you, wonderful Jean, direct us into an election this calendar year.

Her trauma from the Liberian war of the 1990s replays in her quivering voice like a horror film anytime she instructed it. With my sister strapped at her back again, she tiptoed their way as a result of the bullet cartridges fired on the ground into the then Ghanaian ambassador’s residence in Liberia.

Right now, probes into the remote brings about of the initially and next Liberian civil war, expose a pair of political and ethnocentric components, among the them is a frequent phenomenon in our democracy, the battle for ability.

The ’94 genocide versus the Tutsis noticed the mass slaughtering of some 500,000 fellow human beings.

A clash concerning South Africa’s two political forces, the African Nationwide Congress (ANC) and the Inkatha Independence Occasion involving ’90 and ’94 more claimed the life of 2,000 men and women.

In Kenya, ahead of Odinga and Kibaki agreed to share ability following the December elections in 2007, 1,500 men and women experienced currently been killed.

Nigeria has not been spared both. Adhering to the election of Goodluck Jonathan, a lot of ethnic riots broke out and claimed 500 lives.

In accordance to the Social Conflict in Africa Database, Africa has recorded around 680 conflicts from 1990 to 2011 majority of which where by fueled by electoral disagreements.

Admired Jean, the thread is that these warring factions commenced exhibiting signs by singing the music of war, by act of omission or commission extended prior to the breaking place. What was even far more incorrect, was the blatant refusal of the referees which includes peace councils and the clergy in these international locations to intervene.

The unchallenged benefit of periodic elections is to make certain balance. But in all the higher than circumstances, the carry out of the events involved showed that elections have also become breeding grounds for civil wars. It is for that reason commonsensical that so long as elections carry on to be a political lifestyle among African nations like ours, there is sure to be conflict and wars. Calculating the range of our fellow people who have missing their treasured life and continue to be displaced as a end result of these avoidable pockets of violence, really should get you and me overwhelmed and emotional.

In Ghana, but for a trusted judicial procedure and the like for peace and religion, our nation would have recorded a lot of violent unrests just after elections. We’ve observed number of in new instances and we are only blessed to have survived them.

The symptoms and signs of electoral wars have often been seen on the walls of these nations, our Ghana inclusive. The oversight has taken the kind of either disregarding wholly, contacting the bluff of the war music or trivializing the lyrics of these tracks.

In most scenarios, the bring about has been the mistrust, suspicion and less clear things to do in the guide up to the elections.

My Pricey, the voter’s sign up cold war in Ghana is commencing to choose the form and narrative of these darkish histories.

I do not think you, gorgeous Jean, the ruling NPP and an opposition NDC would would like the country goes into a further period of trauma and topsy-turvy soon after our present-day dehumanizing section of the coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, the nation has lost about 30 life to our present-day phase even though far more than 6,000 folks proceed to struggle for their life, hoping Allah grants them grace. Losing the daily life of a single citizen to possibly a disorder or violence should be a fear, my pricey.

But my pricey, I believe you are even in a much better placement to stay clear of such war music for the reason that you are the referee. It’s turning into obvious that the course of action that you lead in direction of Election 2020 would seem fraught with suspicions and considerably less transparency, not due to the fact the NDC suggests so, but mainly because the electoral euphoria forewarning. The referee (EC) should phone the players to order but the way to do it must not be calling off bluffs fairly, opening up the system, opening up to adjustments and possibly compromising.

We should to be forewarned that the commonsense that arrives with democracy requires that we obtain a prevalent grounds to every single approach leading to elections.

If the technical specifics and exposes are not convincing plenty of, might be the thought that heritage could repeat by itself, must deter the EC to have a next dialogue strategy. The war music are getting louder and it should be worrying!

For men and women like my mom, she doesn’t even want to hear the conversation. My expensive, she’s ready to blame you first and the EC 2nd, NPP third and NDC fourth, should her dark historical past resurface.

But I instructed her she ought to wait around, possibly, you will see this letter and pay attention because know I treatment and you stay my crush.

A secret Admirer.

Kabu Nartey, GJA University student Journalist of the 12 months and a Political Communications Strategist

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