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Poet, Jewell King-Speaks on why he advocates from domestic abuse


Younger Ghanaian Poet, Jewell King-Speaks, has shared the tale of the traumatic experiences he went through increasing up in an abusive household with his father, a pastor, who violently abused their mom and physically assaulted her for trivial reasons.

Talking to Emefa Adeti on the Key Morning demonstrate, he intimated that these moments had been some of the most tricky periods he and his siblings have ever been by. It was even even worse for their mother, he additional.

Jewel on the Key Morning clearly show

“Anytime she did one thing completely wrong, she’d endure the implications from my father,” he claimed.

“Mostly it starts with just an argument and then punches stick to. And mainly because of that, it was difficult for me to respond to thoughts in course. I located it challenging to be outspoken mainly because I thought that when I go erroneous, I’ll be beaten.”

“My dad was really intense and robust so my siblings and I couldn’t do something to quit him. We would just look at him conquer my mum till he will get tired. My father was a pastor way too, but he’d defeat us and go to Sunday church like almost nothing was incorrect, even however men and women knew what we were going through”.

Now a poet, Jewell’s encounter has created him an advocate against domestic abuse and he recites his soreness in ‘beautiful’ terms. His poems include verses about domestic violence and abuse, which he champions the cause towards.

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