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Specialists puzzled by green yolk eggs laid by chickens


Photos of chicken eggs with a dim green yolk have been executing the rounds on social media these times, puzzling both of those veterinary professionals and the general general public.

Originally imagined to be the consequence of electronic picture modifying, the viral shots have been ultimately traced back again to Ak Shihabudheen, a chicken farmer from Malappuram in India, who confirmed that some of his poultry do in truth lay eggs with eco-friendly egg yolks.

To confirm his statements, the younger farmer even posted a movie of himself cracking open up an egg and revealing the dark eco-friendly yolk. He recently instructed reporters that journalists and veterinarians from all about India have contacted him about his bizarre eggs in the latest days, but he declares himself just as puzzled as every person else.

“It was 9 months ago that we to start with acquired this kind of an egg with a inexperienced yolk from a hen in our modest poultry farm set up along the home,” Shihabudheen told The News Minute.

“We had been astonished at initially, and did not use the egg to consume. All the eggs which the hen laid had been this variety and so we started off to incubate the eggs. Out of the six chicks which hatched from these eggs, a couple have began to lay eggs and those people yolks are also eco-friendly in coloration.”

Ak Shihabudheen stated that the two he and his spouse and children have consumed eggs with green yolks and have had no unusual indicators. He additional that they style just like usual eggs.


Indian media reviews that veterinary gurus are intrigued by the surprisingly-coloured egg yolks. Officials from Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences College, visited Shihabudheen’s farm a few days back to see the chickens and the eggs for on their own, and have taken samples to analyze in their laboratory.

“We have started out doing a couple of checks to uncover out the cause behind this. This is a unusual phenomenon, and there is a substantial risk that it could be because of the feed that is presented to the birds,” Dr S Sankaralingam, Assistant Professor of Poultry Science, Office of Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, mentioned.

Shihabudheen doubts that the rationale for the bizarre egg yolk coloration has anything to do with the feed, as he states he feeds all the poultry with rice and coconut oil cake, as effectively as organic and natural kitchen squander from the house. He is eagerly awaiting the success of the experts’ tests.

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