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Sekou Nkrumah: Why my siblings and I are politically divided


Regrettably we are: Gamal and Samia stand on just one facet, and Sekou on the other. As you have noticed I am leaving Francis our massive brother (from a distinctive mom) out of this since he under no circumstances confirmed any true fascination in politics.

Properly, to start with, I will say that when I returned to Ghana in 1989, my brother and sister ended up not interested in residing in Ghana at all, and I was the only 1 decided to make Ghana my property at the youthful age of 26!

It was not an straightforward return, and I am not the most straightforward of persons to deal with. I are likely to be really stubborn and impartial-minded. But lifestyle has a way of teaching you issues the challenging way.

Anyway, I acquired concerned in Ghanaian politics but for the reason that I belonged to the opposition and was pretty young and inexperienced at the time numerous folks did not get to know me or know about me! As a state way too we had been also relearning the strategies of social gathering politics, and the multi-celebration program of democracy following nearly a ten years of military services rule and a society of silence.

The media much too was quick-rising, and I was similarly associated with it at different amounts. Both of those in the print and digital!

When my sister returned to Ghana after our mother’s dying she evidently had an agenda and an ambition, and that is perfectly usual! The dilemma, even so, was why she and my brother decided to preserve me in the dark.

Correct they are both equally more mature than me ( 5 and 4 yrs just about) but that is no justification to slight or disrespect their younger brother.

You see if they had shared their fascination in reviving the CPP with me I think points would have been completed in another way!

Even if I did not concur with them on for illustration socialism or the viability of the party in modern day Ghanaian politics, we would have at least shared our encounters and awareness, and stored a unified entrance in the community eye and I would not have been important of my sister! At least not in general public!

But that was not to be and their involvement in my son’s life and his subsequent loss of life actually produced matters even worse. All over again the lack of conversation in between us in this kind of critical matters introduced out the worse in me and ended badly for my son, Alin.

Is there a route for reconciliation?

To start with, they by no means showed any remorse up to this working day about the loss of life of Alin! I do not demand an apology, I just ask for a truthful recognition that they need to have consulted with me to start with before choosing to facilitate his coming to Ghana!

Yes they might have had superior intentions for him, but what they unsuccessful to see is that remaining his father I was aware of a ton far more of what went on in his everyday living! And I was unquestionably convinced that lifetime in Ghana would not be simple for him! To set it bluntly, I did not want him to go by way of the struggles I went by means of in Ghana since my return and rather chosen him to locate his goal in existence in Europe wherever he grew up anyway!

Effectively, that recognition of a failure in judgment on their element never arrived, so my reservations even now continue to be.

I concede that folks can see points otherwise, in particular as we had grown apart because the early 1980s when I lived in Europe! But terrible blood among the siblings is not a very good issue, primarily for kinds with a legacy as ours!

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