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Will not use my name to craze – Hon. Aponkye warns AY Poyoo

Former aspiring Assemblyman for Adukrom Nima Electoral Region, Ibrahim Isaah Ampim, commonly regarded as Hon Aponkye, is unhappy up and coming artiste AY Poyoo has “stolen” his identify.

According to him, Aponkye (Goat) was offered to him by his grandfather in 2004 and had subsequently registered the name.

He stated that he does not appreciate AY Poyoo making an attempt to claim he is the authentic Aponkye (goat).

“I do not know him and he mentions my name to trend…you phone yourself authentic aponkye (goat), do you know how I sign-up the name aponkye (Goat)?” he quizzed.

Hon Aponkye reported that AY Poyoo can decide on one more identify to offer his manufacturer and tunes.

He instructed the rapper phone calls himself “Coro” since to him it rhymes with Poyoo.

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