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You are a virgin due to the fact you ended up hideous – Dag Heward-Mills – MyJoyOnline.com


Founder and chief of Lighthouse Chapel, Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, states most girls who have been virgins after they experienced attained a certain age have been in reality ‘ugly’.

The Bishop’s controversial assertion was designed in a sermon recorded many years ago which has been re-shared on Twitter.

He explained, “You ladies who are virgins it’s simply because you have been not gorgeous when you were at a specified age.

“Do you know what an unattractive duckling is? Yeah, some of you were unsightly ducklings, it is as time has long gone by and you have been capable to do your hair and so on that, you are a minor enhanced,” he claimed.

He stated this as an admonishment to virgins who ended up wanting down at non-virgins for dropping their virginity out of wedlock.

In accordance to him, individuals virgins are continue to virgins because they weren’t really ample to capture the focus of the opposite sexual intercourse, while the non-virgins missing their virginity because their attractiveness attracted the opposite sexual intercourse.

So he suggested his congregation not to choose non-virgins for shedding their virginity.

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