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Illegal mining: KNUST experts find out significant concentration of mercury in soil and water bodies


Experts have found a large concentration of mercury in soil and drinking water in mining communities, as unlawful functions continue on to ravage the natural environment.

An investigation of soil in the Pra River Basin covering South Western aspect of the country disclosed deteriorating good quality, inspite of government constraints on galamsey.

Soil samples from illegal mining sites at Dunkwaw-on- Offin, a year after easing the ban on illegal mining has gone through drying, prepared for tests.


Substantial readings in a utmost of 3.50 milligram per kilogram in the sample analysed as versus .3 milligram for each kilogram which is the regular from the Environmental Security Company of the United States of The united states.

Scientists with the Sheathe Venture, a research into hefty metals and impression on human wellbeing describes the figures getting recorded as stressing.

Mr Eugene Ansah, a single of the scientists explains even nevertheless these readings are taken from the soil, they have a very long-expression effect on the River Offin.

He explains use of mercury in the river by alluvial and unlawful miners mix to contaminate the water.

“If you are mining within just the water entire body it usually means that you are disturbing the rapid environment. It will bring a large amount of sand into the drinking water and this sand is mostly contaminated”.


Research classifies mercury as a really poisonous ingredient possibly released into the atmosphere or taking place normally.

When ingested into the human body by means of feeding, it damages the Central Anxious Procedure, exposing the human system to several ailments.

To mitigate the impact of mining on the river bodies the Inter-Ministerial Committee on unlawful mining is tracking alluvial miners in river bodies.

The committee is operating with each other with the Little-scale Mining Task Drive.

About 200 dredging boats have been destroyed on the Offin River in the Central Area but how very long will it take for the dredgers to make a return. The query will remain unanswered for extended time.


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