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Important Reduction Intercontinental phone calls on federal government for aid to end obstetric fistula


Important Aid Global (ERI) Foundation has termed on authorities and philanthropists to assist its Adopt, Fix, Restore, Empower challenge (ARRE) to prevent and get rid of obstetric fistula in Ghana.

Obstetric Fistula is ailment which disrupts the flow of blood to the comfortable tissue concerning the vagina and the urinary tract or involving the vagina and the rectum by compression of the fetal head during kid beginning.

This generally occurs owing to extended obstructed labour in the course of little one delivery.

And its outcomes contain leaking of urine and or faeces as a final result of the compression which leaves a lasting anomalous opening in the perineum.

Commemorating International Working day to conclude obstetric fistula, the Government Director of ERI, Evelyn Eduful indicated that girls with the ailment are often stigmatise owing to the results of the illness.

“Women who produce obstetric fistula ailment eliminate their self confidence and self esteem for the reason that of the unpleasant human body odor, long-term skin disorders, blisters and sores they have to endure.

“Worse of all is the stigmatization and isolation in modern society, building them depressed and shy to occur out to get help and procedure. Most family members and husbands of these females consider they are becoming punished for owning further marital affairs. These females are tagged as cursed and ungodly and therefore outcasts in culture.”

Hence, Ms Eduful pointed out that the ARRE challenge seeks to adopt ladies struggling from obstetric fistula, mend the condition as a result of surgical procedure, restore their dignity and empower them economically.

She was of the check out that victimization of women with the obstetric  condition derails efforts of other agencies to empower ladies in the society.

She also urged government not to lose sight of the prevalence of the affliction in the country because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to her, obstetric fistula is equally critical as Covid-19 and have to be tackled also.

“Covid-19 has not stopped women from heading into labour, fairly this pandemic has worsened the situation of women of all ages in these obstetric fistula prevalent areas as clinic visits reduce for panic of contracting the virus.”

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