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Uncle Ebo Whyte shares 13 popular faults designed in relationships


Here are 13 prevalent blunders some people today make in their really like partnership. The penalties from building any of these could be serious and however people go on building them. 

I share them with you this early morning in hope that you would steer clear of producing any of them and if you have discovered that you have made any of them, I hope this would present you with the important incentive to get out of it. So below we go:

No. 1 – The orphan error

Here’s the circumstance:

You drop in really like with a youthful person and he does not introduce you to his spouse and children. He tells you he doesn’t have household and he’s by itself in this earth. Now if you believe him and go forward with the connection you are producing the orphan miscalculation. The difficulty with producing the orphan slip-up is that when the marriage hits a comfortable, you have no just one to flip to from his facet.

In most cases, that is specifically how that man or woman desired it. So if you slide in adore with somebody and you know it is major, demand from customers to satisfy his or her family members or at the incredibly the very least, let him introduce you to a experienced responsible particular person who can keep him to account. You marry a person whose family members is not involved in the relationship at your possess peril.

No. 2 – The fast keep track of mistake

A younger guy with terrific enjoyment tells me that he is likely to get married in a  month. I asked him, ‘how lengthy have you acknowledged this woman?’ ‘Oh I have identified her for a few months,’ he states. I say ‘three months is way too quickly for you to be talking about relationship. Give oneself a little a lot more time to get to know her better.’ The young gentleman dismisses my concern with, ‘you know, you don’t have to have time when you know you have discovered a very good detail.’ 

Effectively, the relationship arrived on but after three several years it was in excess of. You cannot fast observe a adore romantic relationship. It is time for men and women to reveal by themselves absolutely and it normally takes time to get to know individuals perfectly. If you do not give on your own the time to get to know the other human being well plenty of, you are creating the quickly monitor error and you have established by yourself up for a big disappointment.

No. 3 – The Asana miscalculation

A godly young lady  will come to me and suggests, ‘I was raised to say no to sexual intercourse until eventually relationship but my boy states, ‘if I do not allow for him to have sexual intercourse with me then I must not blame him if he strays.’ I tell the younger girl, ‘if you give in to his strain and have sexual intercourse with him that will be the stop of the relationship. She decides that I do not know what I’m conversing about and so she goes ahead to give him sexual intercourse. Right after that the boy just vanishes from her lifetime. She could not achieve him. she experienced created the asana miscalculation.

Asana is a affordable drink produced from corn and the sellers enable future prospects to taste it just before they make the decision to obtain. That’s why the name from the Ga language. Asana is low-priced and the sellers can manage to allow persons flavor just before they obtain. And when a female provides in to a boy’s pressure and offers him intercourse, she has cheapened her values and in most instances the boy will simply just wander away. 

Every time anyone compromises his or her values just to hold on to a romance, they have created the asana mistake and will reduce out faster or later on.

No. 4 – The mouse entice error

Esi would like Kwesi but she realises that he’s not into her as substantially as she is into him. So she seduces him into having intercourse with her and when she receives pregnant she takes advantage of the being pregnant to blackmail him into marrying her. Esi has just produced the mouse trap blunder by trapping Kwesi. The dilemma with the  mouse entice slip-up is that the female may well get the boy to marry her but faster or later. He will wake up to the simple fact that he was trapped and that is when the complications will commence. 

No. 5 – The fireplace provider slip-up

This blunder is designed by superior and good boys. This is how it comes about. A woman is in distress and John, a caring younger guy goes into help and proceeds to present treatment and problem. But just before he understands it, he has been sucked into a romantic connection with the lady he went in to support. John has mistaken caring for intimate adore. The hearth provider error by no means finishes effectively. In the conclusion the boy who came into assist ends up becoming a villain in the girl’s daily life, as he realises that caring is not the similar as passionate love. 

No. 6 – The O’sheen mistake

All those who are aged would don’t forget that the to start with cleaning soap opera to display screen consistently in Ghana was O’sheen which was the identify of the direct character. The attribute of O’sheen is that she was always asking  for forgiveness. Even when she experienced not finished anything at all completely wrong. O’sheen’s slip-up in a love connection, occurs when a person celebration in the partnership, keeps begging the other a person for really like and awareness. Begging for love, robs the particular person of their dignity and helps make the human being significantly less attractive. 

No. 7 – The bushfire blunder

This oversight happens when an individual rushes into marriage just for intercourse. In the 70s, a youthful female I realized saved indicating, ‘Brother Whyte, I’m burning and so I should get married.’ Quickly after secondary school, she bought herself married since she explained “burning”. However, her husband got the likelihood to travel to the US for a convention two weeks into their marriage. When he obtained to the US, he refused to return and of class, his wife, could not get a visa to join him. The end result was horrible. Everyone who marries just for sex sets himself or herself up for shame and for disappointment.

No. 8 – The galamsey mistake

The galamsey oversight takes place when a youthful man in a fully commited romantic relationship, cheats on his woman and sleeps with yet another female. He has carried out, as it have been, ‘done galamsey’ and the end result is frequently the destruction of rely on and the compromising of the long run of the relationship. Just as galamsey compromises the upcoming of the setting. 

No. 9 – the thieving lodge towel mistake

Lodge towels are not intended to be taken property. They are for every person to use and leave powering. The thieving hotel towel miscalculation occurs when a woman falls in love for a recognised player and decides herself into contemplating hat she can modify him. Just as thieving lodge towels can result in shame, so does committing the thieving lodge towel error in a enjoy relationship consequence in heartbreak and disgrace. 

No. 10 – The funds mistake

It is stated that monkeys participate in by sizes and for good explanation. The money error in a adore marriage takes place when a boy goes in for a female way previously mentioned his course. In these kinds of a predicament, “the monkey” has not played according to his measurement and the outcome can be loss of life as was the situation, in the perform, Othello. 

No. 11 – The cornerstone mistake

This miscalculation occurs when a boy for what ever motive pulls away from his correct like only to uncover later that he can’t reside without her. In these kinds of a scenario the stone that he rejected has come to be the cornerstone. Regretably, the realisation that it is correct love he walks absent from arrives when he is married and/or she is married, and finding again jointly is no for a longer period an option. 

No. 12 – The torero blunder

Most trotro drivers do not notice the selection of travellers on board except the law enforcement are on the road. Committing the trotro oversight in a really like connection occurs when anyone, be it the boy or the lady forces himself or herself into a romance exactly where there is an additional person. For occasion, a boy has a girlfriend and a further female is forcing to get the boy. The second lady is earning the trotro oversight.

No. 13 – The toddlers oversight

Minor little ones love to copy regardless of what their parents do. So you have small ladies wanting to implement lipstick and makeup though you have small boys wanting to shave just like they see their dads do. The toddlers error in a love connection comes about in which people who are relationship, merely courting, act as if they are married. As if they are partner and spouse. 

There you have them, 13 issues folks make in their love relationships. I hope you have not produced any of them however. 

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