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Researchers at CSIR-CRI confirm Atimatim Taaboum Apple Tree

Researchers at Crop Investigation Institute (CRI) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Investigate (CSIR) have confirmed an apple tree at Atimatim Taaboum in the Ashanti region.

The apple tree developed in a personal home has several branches with few fruits soon after two several years of planting.

Plant physiologist and Principal Research Scientist at CSIR-CRI Professor Beloved Mensah Dzomeku suggests there is nothing at all uncertain about the tree.

The grower, Mr. Edward Akwasi Fosu who life in Belgium initial conducted demo for the expansion of the tree in the place.


He is stated to have gathered soil samples from various regions like both temperate and tropical of the entire world which include Ghana to germinate apple seeds.

It took 4 times for the seeds to germinate in Ghanaian soil when in other jurisdictions, germination transpired in a minimum of 10 times. 

In 2016, 10 seedlings have been brought into Ghana and planted in a house at Atimatim-Taaboum.

“It begun fruiting after two a long time.” States Kwaku Asumadu who is a brother of the grower and employees at CSIR-Forest Study Institute.

Mr. Asumadu claims that all the crops except 1 were slash down following a few yrs into the experiment owing to lack of space in the home.


He states the plant has been subjected to several solutions around the a long time. The remaining remedy was scheduled for March, 2020 but thanks to Covid-19 pandemic his brother could not fly back again house.   

Principal Investigate Scientist at CSIR-CRI Prof. Beloved Mensah Dzomeku says he has researched apple trees in Germany and that, “Indeed, it is an apple.”

He states the trial area is on latitude 06o 46’ 447’’ N and longitude 001o 36’ 611’’ W at an altitude of 288.0m earlier mentioned sea amount which is standard regular farm land degree for the development of the plant.


The leaves of the plant are about .2mm in thickness and the immature fruits averagely 26.8mm in diameter transversely and 18.0mm thick longitudinally.

In accordance to Professor Dzomeku transverse and longitudinal sections via the immature fruits disclosed all the functions of Apple.

Professor Dzomeku concludes apples can increase very well in Ghana. But this can only be finished with scientific guidance.

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