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Mahama’s most recent Corona error in his wrestle for political relevance


Final night, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo took the wind out of the sail of Covid-19 pundits.

The President in his 10th nationwide Covid-19 broadcast declared a graduated strategy to easing constraints heretofore imposed in response to the countrywide health emergency created attainable by the worldwide Covid – 19 PANDEMIC.

The President’s May possibly 31, 2020 action was unforeseen by a significant of Ghana and he not unsurprisingly, arrived for substantial bashing. But the President is accurate. Time would Vindicate him. Covid – 19 is basically above.

The infectivity of the virus is not any much more of a mystery. The viral lethality and spread is not both. No matter what damage and price tag is instantly thanks to the virus is not only now in the business appreciation of watchers and plan makers but so also is the expense indirectly associated to the scenario.

In balancing the odds then, final decision and policy makers are taking action to relieve constraints all in excess of the environment, significantly as global leaders started to much better take pleasure in the problem.

They now know that they have been misled by the likes of Professor Neil Fergusson to act in method that incurred preventable fees.

They are in the regarded now that the circumstance is over with the sporadic, erratic, and diffused spikes in this article and there that would be contained and eliminated.

Nationwide and worldwide steps aimed at gradual reversal of imposed constraints are in recognition of this really point.

It is in the mild of this truth that the phone by Ghana’s most important opposition and it’s chief, John D. Mahama, for the Authorities of Ghana to mass examination at this hour, is most ridiculous and out of spot.

John Mahama is calling on the federal government of Nana Addo to mobilise claimed gathered Covid-19 source to carry out mass testing. The dilemma would be: mass testing for what?

Does not Mahama have health-related and overall health advisors?

If he does, do individuals not know that the time for mass tests is very long long gone?

Coronavirus, like the flu virus, does not exist without end.

The virus, like all other viruses, simply cannot and does NOT survive on its personal. The virus require a host to endure at virtually all moments and ran alone out about a interval. It does not exist in a offered populace eternally.

Mass testing that demography or populace when the virus presently ran itself out or about to is not predicated in any science, frequent perception, or motive, consequently.

It would be a wild goose chase at useless expense.

The novel coronavirus was a difficulty mainly because world leaders, policymakers, experts, watchers, and the masses were almost all clueless relating to the character, spread, and expense.

But that prior confusion must no lengthier persist.

It is clear now that the virus ran itself out around a interval. That not all individuals get infected by the virus.

That of these that may come to be infected, only a modest proportion produce the Covid- 19 ailment.

That of people that occur down with the disorder, only a fraction may perhaps produce severe kinds of the disease and may get into critical affliction.

That these are usually individuals of the susceptible demography that involve the aged, frail, immunocompromised, and people with co-existing morbidity.

That even those could be determined in time and supplied indicated healthcare.

So that what at all is the issue with Covid-19 and or Sars – CoV2 when this knowing sorts the foundation for any unique, communal and countrywide reaction?

Ghana failed to follow this clarity and proceeded in this sort of hysteria guided response.

Even so, the countrywide circumstance fatality is not that significant for any individual with grasp, to be overly concerned about.


If in a spate of a few [ 3 ] months, some 36 deaths are attributed to a claimed pandemic that necessitated the imposition of restriction act, we without a doubt experienced no issue, to start off with, and may well have overreacted!

36÷3 = 12. In other text, we are expressing that we recorded 12 fatalities for every thirty day period in relation to Covid – 19. How is this a countrywide challenge for a 30 million population?

Do we behave as we did with this predicament in the exact method as we do with mortality connected with malaria, hypertension, diabetes and other widespread professional medical situations that afflict and destroy many much more of our men and women than Covid-19 and or Sars – CoV2 could probably ever dare do? So what at all may well explain our nationwide ‘madness’ and even until now?

Very well. The health professionals said it. They reported that our 36 fatalities are all even essentially NOT secondary to the virus.

That in other terms, the deaths attributable to the virus by itself is even a lot less than 12 individuals per month.

Now, consider the noticeable that the virus was in Ghana way prior to March 13, 2020, and you may well appear to the company conclusion that deaths attributable to the virus are way significantly less than 12 for every thirty day period and absolutely insignificant in comparison to mortality information in Ghana.

In other words and phrases, a virus with this sort of insignificant mortality should not be a person that warranted the ‘over-the-board’ nationwide reaction and hysteria that characterize the observed in Ghana.

If that realisation was dropped on us whilst we may perhaps declare to have had inadequate information and facts pertaining to the circumstance, that would be excusable.

What of now when we have practically all the information and facts vital to come to be much more sane, practical, productive and a lot less reactionary in reaction?

So we are improved suited to wander in excess of the virus now than we were being prior. In that scenario, how do we excuse a lot more blunder and criticism that do not advise a way out of the predicament so correctly above any way?

John Mahama’s most current foray into issues corona is a single such.

The virus infects and incubates for some two months. Thereafter, SARS – CoV2 may well possibly infect other folks or die off in the infected sufferer or get rid of the infected.

In Ghana, pretty really several persons succumbed to the virus. What that indicates is that the virus article infecting as a lot of of our persons as it did, died off.

What that usually means is that for the weeks and months that we have experienced this virus in Ghana, it incredibly most likely currently ran its training course, infected the several that it possibly could, and is about receiving to nadir for each distribute.

What that suggests is that testing people for the virus en mass at this time isn’t the indicator or modality in any reaction, predicated in the situational examination.

Is this really hard for the advisors of the former President to grasp? So why will not they explain to him? What did they inform him, that he is creating this mass screening demand of the sitting down routine?

The time for mass tests is long gone. Sorry, Mr. previous President!

If we may mass test men and women now, we would be wasting even more useful resource at preventable expense. If we might take a look at men and women now, it will have to be all those caught in the response surveillance dragnet. This isnt rocket science. Or is it?

We do not need to have to mass examination for a virus that is on its way out and already dying in our inhabitants.

And we do not need to mass exam for a virus that following the simple fact, killed significantly less than 12 people for each thirty day period.

In any other case, why are we not mass screening for malaria that eliminate more Ghanaians for every month than Covid – 19 could at any time do?

John Mahama could be greater helped to make sizeable forays in nationwide affairs and going into the potential.

For some time now, his advisors have not carried out him considerably excellent in that regard.

Meanwhile, President ‘Nana man guy’ appears to be to have had some excellent advisory for a even though now and is sailing to a further victory in 2020, and many thanks to his handling of Covid-19.

Ghanaians would shortly realise by July 2020 and beyond that, the President was correct in easing limitations just as he was in reversing the lockdown.

Soon, additional Ghanaians would commence to appreciate the President’s smart trade-off that mitigated the decline and charge to Ghana.

And just as in agreement regulation, the innocent social gathering is obligated to mitigate his or loss, this President’s intelligent mitigation could establish to be his biggest or masterstroke toward December 2020.

This is what John Mahama is making an attempt to tactically detract from, with his moot phone for mass screening.

Enable somebody advise him that it won’t lower, given the predictable national reaction, and when it results in being very clear that Nana person man is correct soon after all. So that, John could call for a much better tactic.

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