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Edward Obeng Anaji: Our MP could think he has done his ideal but we voted for additional than this


This morning, the Member of Parliament for Kwesimintsim, Joseph Mensah, appeared on the radio to give individuals of us who gave him the seat he now occupies, a exceptional privilege of hearing him account for his stewardship.

For 4 years, he has pointedly refused to supply any account, apart from to the significantly smaller team of loyalists who surround him and avert the relaxation of us from “disturbing” him with our issues. So for him to even sit to respond to concerns about his assistance is a victory of a sort.

But it is not for absolutely nothing that he made a decision to commit his morning in the studios of an FM station. With a difficult key ahead and defeat all but certain, honourable quickly has a thing to notify us. For us polling station executives, specifically, whom he has until a short while ago prepared off as unimportant, there is some perverse pleasure in seeing him attempt to justify his tenure following averting us for almost 4 many years. Without a doubt, competition is excellent. Had it not been the rough major problem he is experiencing, who believes nowadays he would be outlining himself? Or calling us back when we even flash him? Time variations.

It is important, on the other hand, to tackle some of the central factors he created in his job interview. For several of us in the occasion and the constituency, it will come as a shock to us every time we listen to the MP and his supporters inform us about him locating employment for people today. Maybe this is accurate for his innermost circle but for the rest of us, we have been still left on our personal, pleasing to and finding aid from others devoid of the electricity of workplace.

As for his popular fund jobs, the least mentioned about them the greater. If we only wanted our MP to undertake jobs with condition allocated funds, no MP in the country would ever be replaced for the reason that every person does that. No, we have to have considerably a lot more than that. We want to see some additional innovation in addressing our problems. We want to see our MP direct investment into the constituency. We want to see our MP just take advantage of govt programmes these kinds of as a single district a single manufacturing unit to generate careers in Kwesimintsim. If it was popular fund jobs we desired, we wouldn’t have questioned anyone to go so he could occur.

In spite of all this, we are questioned to think that the greatest MP in the Western Location is ours? Properly, we do not know how these “media personnel” carried out their “research” but as they say, who feels it appreciates it. Those of us in the constituency, particularly us delegates, never require somebody to arrive and convey to us how the food stuff in our mouths tastes. We know what we have been as a result of in the very last 4 a long time and on 20th June, 2020, we shall also launch the benefits of our “research”.


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