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Mawuli Zogbenu: Small-Time in the Church


At the very least if there is everything the facial area mask is carrying out to aid me, then it is including value to me, negatively. I swerved one of people women who questioned for momo and I refused to give her. She saw me and seemed at me some kan way whiles I was carrying my mask. He then questioned ‘please are you Mawuli? I claimed NO’ and drove away with swag and velocity. Hahaaa!

Pleased birthday to you o, Dr Frank Odoom, previous CEO of Top quality Insurance policies and former Director-Typical of SSNIT. He was born just yesterday, June 4th! I am still asking yourself why this day, Sir. Dr. Odoom, in my feeling, is one of the most highly regarded ‘silent’ CEOs Ghana has at any time experienced! If in doubt, go to SSNIT and ask about Dr Frank Odoom and his ‘guy-guy’ walking with great skills and competence in delivery…any time. Back at QIC, he taught us some critical concepts of lifestyle which are guiding some of us now to a really huge extent – ‘RAIDS’:

  1. Respect for all (R)
  2. Accountability (A)
  3. Integrity (I)
  4. Dependence on God (D)
  5. Competencies Growth, the right types if you want to be on leading of your match (S)

All these he abbreviated as RAIDS. He also indicated that you can have all the principles earlier mentioned but if you lack theory Variety 3, fail to remember it, you are finished! True or False?

Dr. Frank Odoom, you should this is not a tribute to you o it is a lullaby to celebrate you and your birthday which fell on June 4th yesterday! What a working day to be born regardless of whether it is in advance of or immediately after the eyi….! Hahahahaha! His favourite sporting activities is tennis not the a person he can enjoy o the one he likes viewing on Tv. Roger Fedrer or so is his favorite or, Sar?

Me and him have so several virtues in widespread other than that he is a Mathematician and an Actuary by instruction. In fact, he was at the time the President of the Actuarial Culture of Ghana. He understands Maths roff! And me, the immediate opposite. Very last week, Makafui came to talk to me: ‘Daddy, make sure you what is ‘Pie R Square?’ and I’ve been keeping away from her until now. Me? Mathematics? Kai!

Do you don’t forget when I was accomplishing an highly developed degree some years again? I advised you but several of you like me ignore matters quickly. That is why some of you have stopped making use of the sanitizer contemplating ‘oh very little will happen’. You no see pepper just before er. The dry and pink one referred to as akwele waabi! Yooo! Go ahead!

Maths was my headache and I was compulsorily compelled to do Quantitative right here. You sabi that Arithmetic that has some letter ‘S’ with a incredibly extensive tail within plentey. Ehern! Sitting following to me in class was a girl working with a lender. After the lecturer, Professor a little something a thing set the query on the board, the quiet on the lookout woman tapped me and mentioned: “Mawuli, there is something mistaken with the question”. Ei! Prevalent me, how am I intended to know?

Let us think that the query was even appropriate kraa, me and Tordia Asantey will however get the solution incorrect p3333…still!  But simply because she was the shy type, she couldn’t say it so I available to say it by boosting my ‘useless’ hand up. You see me and my as well-recognized matters? ‘Sir, be sure to there is a thing mistaken with the question’. Then he questioned: “what is incorrect with the problem be sure to?’.

Without the need of owning a one clue, I just sat down kpoo immediately and pointed to the lady and reported she was the a single who reported I should really say it – my loud ‘useless’ mouth. Dr. Rafique Daudi of Metropolitan Lifestyle Ghana, I hope you try to remember that sharp-brain lady. Hehehe!

Then my class mates began laughing at me but I no head them sef. Thankfully the lecturer saved the predicament by inquiring the girl in a pretty tranquil tone following he had looked at the dilemma once more on the board for a handful of seconds. He turned to her and asked her: ‘Young woman, remember to what did you examine for your first diploma?’ ‘Sir, please Civil Engineering at Tek’, she answered nervously. Then the lecturer nodded and responded: “You are appropriate, there is in truth a little something completely wrong with the question”. Appear and see applause. Charlie, people know reserve o. At first I assumed I was the just one they were applauding but apuuuu!

Ei previous 2 week’s short article that went viral titled ‘Side Chics Inventory Market Drops by 84%’ as a result of the COVID-19 attracted some ‘unnecessary’ reviews several of which had been analyses from users of the major echelon of Academia. The 1 that ‘killed’ me kraa was from a renowned Economics University Lecturer. With some  emotional assessment in them: ‘Nice piece Mawuli. For the aspect chic inventory marketplace to dip by 84%, hmm! Really significant oo. This will get extra than 20 several years to recuperate for which by that time most of the present-day buyers will get rid of the hunger for this kind of an financial investment. Permit me believe that wives are also stated, the finest expenditure for now. The hazard is also incredibly incredibly down. Numerous instances zero chance.’

Excellent details properly built by the Economic Professor!

Anyway, that is not my challenge now. Me I want to advocate that private college teachers are aided by their colleague GES Instructors. GES Academics are household and staying compensated salaries. Non-public University Lecturers are also household and and and…..hmmm!

I was actually expecting the GNNAT Executives to have viewed as building each individual GES Teacher contribute at minimum GHC5 every into a pool and share between their personal college counterparts but…hmmm! Private school personnel depend on their employers’ revenues to spend them and now see and they have families to feed way too o.

God will bless the GNNAT Executives and their Users if they should do a thing like that. GNNAT Executives, it is not too late o remember to do anything o. Most non-public college academics dey taya roff. Let us aid each and every other o. My spouse is a GES Instructor and I will add GHC10 to her GHC5 so it is substantial small to assist personal college lecturers and their family members as well.

I have a challenge o, individuals. I don’t know which one particular of my household strains is doing the job from me o and the other doing the job for me in my favour o. There is one that protects me and the other collaborates with my Accra enemies to finish me!

On Wednesday I borrowed an costly ball pen from Mama Wiliz, my HR

‘Director of Operations’ and Compound Overseer. I went to the licence business with it to flex. Then a person borrowed the pen to create anything but forgot to give it again to me. Typical practice abi? It was only when I acquired to the place of work that Mama Wilizar Asiedu questioned of her pen! Ei! M3wu!

Mama Wili mentioned I experienced to pay for the pen given that it was an highly-priced one particular imported from abrokyire before Coro Coro. I was concerned but I experienced no selection but prepared to get a new 1 to change it.

See wonder o. By the time I received property that working day, the pen was lying on my mattress ready for me. I clapped for that my relatives line who did that wonder to help save my experience. Up till now I do not know no matter whether it’s my paternal or maternal facet. There are superior witches and lizards, oh sorry I indicate wizards o!

Now to the terrible a single. I slept with my encounter mask on and my spouse came to inquire why so, and I discussed to her how one particular of my relatives lines can be that evil. If I experienced slept without the need of the mask on, that is when all those contaminated with the virus will appear and sneeze right into my nose and run away. So to be double absolutely sure, permit me safeguard myself o!

A single other benefit I have more than applying the encounter mask is that when I am laughing, no one particular sees how badly the enamel in my mouth are laid out in a scattered fashion. My deal with no fine kraaa o primarily when I am smiling. Thank God for confront masks. Even soon after Kofivi-90, I will nonetheless don experience masks to church so pastor will not be on the lookout at my facial area to establish me and be chatting tithe, tithe, tithe!

So let me question you o which element of this posting has something to do with ‘Short-Time in the Church’? Or is it due to the fact of the evil expression ‘short-time’? Bud brain, Gbeku! So you consider this ‘abstract is going to be about that 2-hour ‘short-time’ issue some promiscuous people such as me have been undertaking and if their time is up, some visitor household attendant bi will arrive and knock on their door to remind them that their time is up? They are then instructed to get out for one more set to check out in for evil to hold triumphing! You Gabby and Samimoto er! Ajeeei! A person day 1 working day! Hahahahaa!

Have a weekend comprehensive of laughter except that when laughing, maintain inhaling the carbon dioxide that turns into ‘fart-like’ oxygen for you to inhale again as your encounter mask protects you and other people! Certainly, this much too shall pass!

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