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Movie: Wendy Shay Storms Out Of Unprofessional Accra FM Job interview That Threatened To Publicize Information Of Her Intercourse Lifestyle


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Usually associations, in which managers are engaged with their feminine customers, is despised by society largely mainly because girls are at the lower close of the economic ladder and it’s counted as adult men exploiting them. Nonetheless, make no miscalculation, it’s not illegal, as it is get the job done work, and not all conditions translate into such.
So as a great deal as it’s socially disregarded, just one has the appropriate to do so if they make sure you.

Sad to say for Accra FM, they just been given a different strike on the stations name as the station that kicked out TikTok ‘Take A Picture’ strike singer out the studio. Presenter Nana Romeo believed it was ideal to force Wendy Shay into talking about her marriage with manager and CEO of Ruff Town Information, Bullet.

Just after refusing to discuss it, he continued to force her reside on air, making the accusation she is sleeping with him and forcing her to reply, all whilst threatening her with acquiring proof. The movie was aired reside and feel it or not, Accra FM could have positioned by themselves in a legally liable circumstance.

Ama K Abebrese has known as for a boycott for the radio station.

Check out the controversial minute beneath.


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