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Kormi Bravery Amese: Covid-19 having lengthier than we believed, business people simply cannot wait around


When the wrath of Covid-19 commenced to ravage environment economies, get life and alter our way of existence, lots of thought it was just a temporal prevalence. 6 months down the line, we are still holding social distance, carrying our confront masks, and regularly washing or sanitising our arms. As nervousness fills the minds of business owners in industries like tourism, entertainment & sports activities (the worse strike), IT & wellbeing business people are smiling to the bank. 

In its early times, several market place analysts forecasted that there will be a sharp restoration, we are little by little lacking the option for a quick recovery. As a Forbes report recently explained: we are caught in the trap of accepting which alphabet will very best describes the restoration, V-Condition, U-Form or Nike (Swoosh) Condition.

It is now the norm to see signs like “No Mask, No Entry” boldly stuck on the doorways of businesses across the place. Business people have started off looking into medium-time period procedures to maintain their staff and clientele safe albeit maintaining self-confidence in their organizations. What commenced as a bizarre wave has now come to be our way of daily life.

With travel restrictions continue to in total pressure, importation has been lessened significantly. Whiles not losing sight of the reality that entrepreneurs who export their deliver facial area a new reality, the travel constraints, coupled with the minimized importation has established a exceptional opportunity to nearby business owners to fill the gap that would if not have been taken by imported items. 

Having said that, this prospect desires collaboration between business people in an unconventional way, our old design of working enterprises cannot be successful in periods like this. For that reason, the proactive entrepreneur need to:

Collaborate to innovate:

My providers, having been strike by a shortfall in desire decided to go back to the drawing board to help solve some of the new troubles this pandemic presents. I am delighted to say that in the spate of one month, we formulated and made Covid-19 Sanitization Chambers for the African industry.

This job has noticed the light of day because of the joint forces of our IT firm, the imaginative potentials of our marketing agency and the total support of a community chemical disinfectant producer. We are duly accredited and have begun setting up for our clients. This new job has the possible to build 120 work opportunities right here in Ghana. This collaboration is designed on have faith in and the collective desire to endure in these kinds of a attempting time. 

Take a look at new contemplating designs and approaches to business:

This may well appear in the sort of consumer service, product sales channels or even working hours. My very good mate Nana, an entrepreneur who owns and operates a cafe has to rethink about how to bundle foods for shipping and delivery to his customers at property and in their places of work. He acknowledges that 80%-90% of his profits for 2020 will be derived from deliveries and not consume-ins as has beenthe case.

He shares his every day menu on Instagram & Facebook and receive payment by means of Cellular Money and provides with the aid of a area courier company. Any entrepreneur who only accepts funds today, and continue to sees MoMo, Visa, MasterCard among others as inconvenient payment options are rather disadvantaged. To the entrepreneurs who even now demand clientele to increase the prices for MoMo the the very least said about them the better…

Embrace engineering unlike just before:

Minimal did we know that it is highly feasible for SMEs to perform virtual assembly seamlessly on our neighborhood telecommunications networks. Meetings on Zoom is the new regular, e-mails and whatsaps are frequently making targets achievable. My partner and I experienced a zoom meeting which lasted five hours, we shared presentations, invited others to join in for discussionsright in the convenience of our houses. Other sorts of technologies and collaborative resources exist to make it probable for business people to keep social distance even though building impacts. Entrepreneurs in the education sector can take benefit of some of these tools as well.

In summary:

As we go as a result of the elongated wave of this pandemic, the alerts are apparent that we will be working with COVID-19 extended than we thought. Business people cannot stop innovating and impacting lives while we wait for the pandemic to conclusion, it may be way too late to save our companies. Bravery is expected to encounter this obstacle head-on mainly because of our relevance to posterity.  


The author is a serial entrepreneur, expert and philanthropist. His enthusiasm is for the growth of Africa by way of aggressive entrepreneurial initiatives. He can be contacted by means of think about@kcamese.com


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