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Remembering Francis Kodzo Nuatro, borborbor originator and icon


Enjoyment of Monday, 27 July 2020

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Borborbor as a genre and dance form could be likened to the spirit and soul of the people of EwelandBorborbor as a style and dance type could be likened to the spirit and soul of the folks of Eweland

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As religion gets the ‘opiate of the masses’ in accordance to Karl Heinrich Marx, a German philosopher and political theorist, so is Borborbor music and dance to the folks of Kpando and by extension the Ewe communities in Ghana and abroad.

Borborbor as a style and dance form could be likened to the spirit and soul of human beings specially folks of the Eweland are effortlessly ignited by the stroke of drums, metals, marrakash, and singing.

So solid is the tie that it is believed that even the useless and domestic animals united with the beats of Borborbor and has due to the fact grow to be the rallying level for entertainment and suits into any celebration?

The genre did not drop from the heavens instantly but as a result of human beings, who performed major roles in formulating such feats or assembling instruments or accompaniment lyrics.

Borborbor genre ranges from folk, ballads, enjoy, mourning, dance, perform, ritual, and spiritual tracks. These are played at most community gatherings which include the Church.

Mr. Francis Kodzo Nuatro, of blessed memory, is perceived to be the originator of Kpando Borborbor Posse in that jurisdiction in the 1950s. Some varieties of renditions of Borborbor might have advanced in advance of this day but the specific, who played a significant purpose to rebrand and place finesse to Borborbor music was legend Nuatro, a native of Kpando-Anyigbe.

The renowned and gifted composer and dancer was an Ex-Policeman, who nurtured, made, and promoted Borborbor tunes to becoming the pleasure of the Kpando Classic Area and outside of.

Borborbor dance is the most popular cultural music and dance type in the Volta Area.

The musical functionality has around the yrs been performed in dynamic strategies with some advanced devices just to maintain the manufacturer that as soon as pulled pretty much each and every politician to the Kpando (Akpini) land owing to the distinctive kinds and trendy performances of the dance.

Because of to the uniqueness of the musical general performance, which arrives in 3 kinds specifically: the marching rhythm, the gradual highlife and the sizzling highlife rhythm, it could be performed as a patriotic music, dirges and even during joyful events.

The dance that goes with the songs commonly concerned the use of two white handkerchiefs and accompanied by choreography as regular exercise at most out of doors musical events.

Mr. Innocent Victor Korku Nuatro Jr, founder of Kpando Mawuli Borborbor Band and son of the late originator informed the GNA that Borborbor dance is a sort of dancing that requires a selection of actions in a circular or linear kind and completed in accordance with the rhythm.

He added that there is Akpese, which is performed similar to the Borborbor but the main variation concerning the two new music dances are the instruments applied: devices applied in doing Borborbor include things like the foundation drum, the middle drum (asivu), a tiny facet drum (Pati), twin drums (Bongus), dondo, marrakesh (Akaye), double metallic instruments regarded as ‘’krettsiwoe’’ and two standing instruments manufactured of iron identified as “Gakokoe.”

This dance consists of round forms from performers and swaying to the rhythmic beats of music generated by the drums performed by the band. It comes with performers, who twirl two handkerchiefs in uniform gesticulation, though demonstrating prowess of ‘waist power’ to entertain and sometimes bait the gentlemen. In simple fact, Borborbor grounds are avenues to land intimate relations.

Mr Nuatro explained however there were other cultural tunes forms of dance in Kpando this sort of as the “Akaye”, Akpi, Adewu and Egbanigba in advance of the introduction of the Borborbor music, it supplanted all people tunes and dance.

Mr. Michael Yao Gborgblorgbe, drummer for the Kpando Borborbor group in the seventies affirmed the origination of Borborbor from Kpando, which afterwards prolonged to other neighbouring locations for tutoring and mentoring.

He mentioned the late composer right after collecting individuals from the Kpando group also aided in boosting the carving marketplace some of the instruments utilized in taking part in the Borborbor tunes just after strategies by some associates to incorporate all those devices.

“Nuatro produced Borborbor so unique that the team is constantly adjudged the best undertaking group at a lot of competitions we participated in all about the place,” he stated with exhilaration.

There is no exclusive instrument that leads in the Borborbor tunes dance but at times the ‘dondo’ was played to prompt the other instrumentalists of the type of rhythm to engage in, no matter if marching, gradual highlife or warm highlife.

The uniqueness of the Akpini Borborbor bore numerous fruits with students resident in Accra and attending Secondary University in Kpando, people times have been referred to as ‘’Kpando Borborbor Pupils,’’ deepening acknowledgement.

Most of the Borborbor songs by the late Nuatro have been patriotic songs in honour of the country’s 1st President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The music dance was so well known that virtually all the distinguished folks in the nation soon after Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Basic Ignatius Kutu Acheampong and Dr Hilla Limann grew to become adept fans of the Kpando Borborbor.

The attractiveness of the tunes and dance then captivated foreigners from all around the globe and this led to significant financial progress as artifacts by folks of the land had been sold to enrich the people’s life.

Mr. Newman Ayimah, Kpando Municipal Cultural Officer, Centre for Countrywide Culture stated neither the burgle or trumpet was element of the primary Borborbor but have become additions and spicing to modernise Borborbor.

Borborbor has basically grow to be the opium of the masses that understands its sanctity and rhythm, its lyrics, drums, and dance types invigorate entire body and soul, its ability even united by itself with animals and specifically reptiles this sort of as snakes, can’t cease dancing, let on your own humans. Borborbor manipulates particular moods, arousal, and inner thoughts. So next time you hear the drums and lyrics twist, twirl, and convert with exclusive emphasis on one’s midsection.


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