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Uneducated Pastor Criticizes Beyonce For Satan Worshiping After She Mimicked This African Deity


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Egypt Tradition and Art An American clergyman, Minister, and Podcaster, Cedric Knight promises Beyonce’s Black is King movie is Satanic.

Sharing a picture of Beyonce’s picture in Currently new music video clip, the American singer was seen carrying a horn and Pastor Cedric suggests the horn connotes Satanic picture of Baphomet.

Sharing the picture on his Fb site, he wrote:

In accordance to him Beyonce is a follower of Baphomet. Baphomet is a deity that the Knights Templar had been accused of worshipping, and that subsequently was integrated into occult and mystical traditions. The title Baphomet appeared in demo transcripts for the Inquisition of the Knights Templar starting up in 1307.

Cedric additional explained that Beyonce is in contract with the devil for her fame:

A single follower of Pastor Cedric supported him declaring Beyonce is running a Jezebel agenda. He wrote:

“I’m about to do a video on this pretty factor tonight Lord keen. The Jezebel spirit is main it and Foremost Guys to the pits of hell and they do not even know it How is “black king “when you have black kings enslaving black people all through historical past????? The Jezebel spirit is major men and women to exalt their pores and skin color which is idolatry above the Bible. Exact same pattern as it was in the Church of thyatira when she led the people today of God into idolatry”

Regretably, he and his followers are not educated on their have African deities. Beyonce was essentially emulating Het Heru.

Het Heru is the goddess of fertility, music, audio, and dance which is relatively reflective of Beyonce right now. She wears the Photo voltaic disk with cow’s horns.

element from one particular of the schist triad statues of King MenkauRa from the “Valley Temple” subsequent to His Pyramid at Giza, 2551-2523 BCE now in the Museum of Good Arts of Boston.

Beyoncé wearing cattle horns and sunshine disc built from hair and cowhide outfit from Black is King 2020AC. For the ancients, white cattle horns reminded them of the white crescent moon. The moon didn’t make its personal light, but captured the light-weight from the solar and mirrored it back to us at night time. Consequently the moon retains the mild of the solar. Hence giving the moon goddess the title ‘Het’(mansion) of ‘Heru’(gentle) or HetHeru or nowadays the Greek Hathor (Household of gentle).

The crescent cow horns with a solar disc seated in the heart would develop into the image of HetHeru. The ancients observed women’s mensural cycles coordinated with the new moon and crescent moon cycles, which is why the moon cycles turned affiliated with femininity and fertility.

The ancients had a declaring ‘the horns of HetHeru has overtaken her’ it is an historical way of stating she’s ‘horny’ like the fertility horns of the goddess HetHeru. In the west Africa goddess, HetHeru is named the goddess Oshun sharing the very same characteristics. Have you wondered why it’s referred to as a moon today? You can seem to the seem of the cow’s mooooooon.

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