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Prof. Mike Ocquaye is an autocratic Speaker – Mahama [ARTICLE]


The previous president reported the speaker has been suppressing no cost speech in parliament.

As component of his tour of the Savanna Location, Mr. Mahama promised to make Ghana an equal modern society if re-elected.

“Today, you cannot anticipate justice when you go to the judicatory, you cannot talk in parliament, you have an oppressive Speaker who will not allow them to freely express themselves”, he mentioned.

Also, Mr Mahama has accused the Akufo-Addo governing administration of collapsing 9 community banking institutions for political factors.

He stated that the federal government could have invested GHS9 billion to preserve the banking institutions somewhat than allowing them to collapse only for it to use GHS22billion of taxpayers’ income to refund monies to the impacted depositors.

“Financial institutions have been collapsed, Ghanaians’ income has been locked up. You required GHS9 billion to preserve these financial institutions and money establishments that collapsed but for the reason that of politics, someone determined to shut them down”.

“Now, Ghana is paying GHC22billion to shell out the deposits of people today whose monies had been locked up.

Mike Ocquaye, Speaker of Parliament

Mike Ocquaye, Speaker of Parliament

“What sort of sense is this? You will not expend GHC9 billion to save the financial institutions but you fork out GHC22billion to pay out back peoples’ deposits and you just can’t even pay”, Mr Mahama criticised.

“I read the president say he has paid out 98 for each cent of the depositors. We should question the depositors how have they been given their funds?” the former President mentioned.

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