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2020 Voter Registration: Here’s all you need to know about the numbers [ARTICLE]


The Commission went through various opposition from political parties and some civil society organizations in the country when it announced its intent to compile a new register.

According the EC, a litany of problems has engulfed the old register, therefore, to ensure a credible election on December 7, there is the need to compile a new one.

Among the issues, the Electoral Commission said most of the old biometric devices are faulty. It also said it will be costly to repair those machines as compared to procuring new ones.

EC boss Jean Mensa

EC boss Jean Mensa

The EC also was alarmed on data manipulation of the election figures with the old machines and set out to get a new vendor for the data protection.

It also, in a subtle way on several occasions, suggested that the old voters register was bloated and it has a huge number of foreigners on it.

Albeit the challenges it faced due to the raging coronavirus pandemic and violence at some registration centers, the EC was able to pull the exercise off.

The Commission announced that it has provisionally registered 16,963,306 people across Ghana for the 2020 general elections.

We, at Pulse Ghana, therefore decided to look at the numbers.

Below is a breakdown of the statistics and numbers of the 38-day exercise

1. 8,187,689 of the 16,963,306 registered were males which represents 48.27%

2. 8,775,608 of 16,963,306 registered voters were females which represents 51.73%

3. 10,192,825 Ghanaians registered with Ghana card representing 60.09%

4. 6,444,805 registered through the guarantors system representing 37.99%

5. 323,676 Ghanaians registered with their passports which represented 1.92%

6. 762,944 people registered for the first time; 383,973 of that number were females and 378,971 are males.

7. 64,966 persons with disability registered as compared to 61,959 who did in 2016

EC holds pilot voter registration exercise nationwide

EC holds pilot voter registration exercise nationwide

Regional breakdown of registrants

Greater Accra – 3,509,805

Ashanti Region – 3,013,856

Eastern Region – 1,628,180

Central Region – 1,566,061

Western Region – 1,185,315

Northern Region – 1,047,539

Volta Region – 929,322

Upper East Region – 653,730

Bono Region – 648,408

Bono East Region – 592,015

Upper West Region – 470,271

Western North Region – 465,444

Oti Region – 353,492

Ahafo Region – 315,827

Savanna Region – 295,648

North East Region – 288,393

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