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Minors and foreigners on voters’ roll: Prosecute Jean Mensa for creating fiscal reduction – Asiedu Nketia [ARTICLE]


Addressing a press briefing in Accra on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, Jean Mensa assured that these types of folks who have infiltrated the voters’ register would be expunged right after the challenge procedures are concluded at its district offices.

She said that a 16-member EC adjudication committee set up would assist in clearing the new voters to register of unqualified persons (minors and foreigners).

The EC boss reassured that the register that would be used in the 2020 Typical election will comprise of only suitable Ghanaians.

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“The Fee is mindful of the infiltration of foreigners at a amount of our registration centres. Moreover, we are conscious that a variety of minors have uncovered their way into the sign-up. We are assured that the challenge processes initiated at all districts all through the place will unearth these unlawful folks and rid the register of people who do not qualify to be thereon. We are self-confident that the register that will be utilised for the 2020 elections will be a wholly-owned Ghanaian organization reflecting qualified Ghanaians and Ghanaians only,” she mentioned.

Jean Adukwei Mensa, EC boss

Jean Adukwei Mensa, EC manager

But Asiedu Nketia stated Jean Mensa and her deputies ought to be arrested for producing economic loss to the condition.

According to him, the EC realized they ended up registering minors and foreigners and, so, need to be manufactured to answer for it.

“They understood it and they went in with their eyes absolutely opened. So, it is also late to arrive and inform Ghanaians this cock and bull story,” he said.

In an job interview on Accra FM, the NDC scribe noted that “We all know there is no tools that can decide one’s age during a registration workout but if you ditched the aged roll with the declare that it had minors on it and insisted on purchasing new tools to compile a new clean up one, then it was assumed your new enhanced products can explain to who a slight is and prevent that person from registering.

“We told you this kind of machines won’t exist and, so, we’re have been far better off protecting the outdated sign up because the minors that were captured in 2012 are now qualified voters, so, they are no longer minors. But by insisting on compiling a new register, you rather opened the possibility for additional minors to enter the sign-up” including that on the EC’s very own admission to registering minors and foreigners really should serve as the basis for prosecution for triggering fiscal loss to the state.

“So, what do you want to notify Ghanaians just after repeating the exact same mistake you claimed you had been likely to resolve with a new sign-up?” he queried.

The EC said it has registered a complete of 16,663,699 voters as of Thursday, August 6, 2020.

The outdated voters’ sign-up experienced a overall of 16,845,420 registered voters.

The Fee had projected to register 15 million qualified Ghanaians in the 38-working day mass registration exercising but exceeded that target just after registering 16,663,669.

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