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Scandalous PDS Deal – In which is OCCUPY GHANA? [ARTICLE]


In the course of my couple but experiential years as an grownup in this nation, I have witnessed 6 (six) Presidents. Rawlings, Limann, Kufour, Atta -Mills, Mahama and at this time Akuffo Addo.

Beneath every single of these leaders, regardless of whether genuine or perceived, sequence of corruption challenges have been levelled in opposition to them.

Nevertheless, none of the corruption allegations under the previous Presidents appear near to the Akuffo Addo’s PDS scandal in conditions of scale, composition, boldness, dedication, notoreity and public disregard.

In comparison with previous allegations which were being primarily linked to misappropriation and misapplication of Condition resources and means, this PDS situation is Condition officers wanting Ghanaians in the experience, adjusted Administration of ECG, brought their possess squad of Management to operate the Corporation for about 7 months and took away the booty.

In actuality, the PDS deal is not just a corruption scandal. It is direct stealing , tantamount to a effectively orchestrated armed theft. It really is usually armed robbers coming into ECG at gun point for ECG to provide the general public from 8am to 5pm just about every day for 7 months and the robbers having the booty, leaving nothing for ECG and Ghanaians.

If this is a scandal, then it is the most important scandal ever to strike our region. If it truly is theft, then it really is the biggest theft at any time to strike the country Ghana.

Just number of several years back again, there was a bus branding scandal that was valued at about 3 million dollars.

OCCUPY GHANA was loud and performed a pretty active and vibrant part that shown they really possessed a national occupational could, as their name indicates. It was quite amazing.

Now, if the figures and earnings we are instructed the ECG would make month-to-month ( 200 million Cedis) is everything to go by, then the 7 months of PDS choose more than of ECG management had an normal of 1.4million Cedis accrued to them. Where is PDS now? Where by is the funds that accrued to them?

Evidently, the supervisors of this country led by Mr. Akuffo Addo enabled such unlawful execution to be perpetrated on Ghanaians.

Offered the alacrity with which OCCUPY GHANA executed it is really action with regards to the Bus Branding couple of yrs in the past, I think comparable action by OCCUPY GHANA nowadays, will get the Governing administration and it is officers notify Ghanaians specifics of this contemptible and nasty deal.

Or OCCUPY GHANA is gone into hibernation? I hope not. But if they have, then they need to wake up from their slumber. We will need them quite urgently now than ever before.

Our economic management authorities want to appear out to demonstrate or deny the allegations.

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