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Nigerian law enforcement rescue Kano man locked up in his parents’ garage


A Nigerian person has been rescued from the garage of his parents’ household in the northern town of Kano, exactly where he experienced been locked up for three several years, police say.

Ahmed Aminu, 30, was found out following a police raid on the family’s residence.

Neighbours had alerted a regional NGO about his plight, and the police were then termed.

Mr Aminu’s father and action-mom have been arrested and police say additional investigations are underneath way.

In a horrific movie shared on social media, an emaciated Mr Aminu, as well frail to stroll, was assisted into a car or truck as he was taken to hospital.

He experienced seen calluses on his knees and his bones have been clear by means of the minor flesh remaining on him.

“We identified Aminu in a horrible circumstance, urinating and excreting in very same place with no [being] provided any foodstuff and seeking like he was heading to die at any moment,” Haruna Ayagi, head of the Human Rights Network NGO, explained to the BBC.

Police explained the guy experienced been locked up by his moms and dads on suspicion of drug abuse and still left without having suitable foodstuff and overall health treatment.

Some experiences mentioned he had been locked up for seven several years.

This is the second time this week a target has been rescued from horrific problems in their parents’ dwelling in Nigeria.

On Wednesday, law enforcement in north-western Kebbi point out rescued a 10-yr-old boy from an animal pen wherever he experienced been retained for two many years by his mother and father.

The BBC’s Nduka Orjinmo in Abuja suggests that northern Nigeria has a drug habit issue but with few point out-funded services, some mothers and fathers are resorting to self-assistance for their troublesome children.

Some dad and mom have sent their youngsters with drug problems to private religious rehabilitation centres, but some of people have been raided by officials who explained them as “torture houses”.

A BBC investigation in 2018 uncovered horrifying disorders at a condition centre in Kano, in which sufferers with mental wellbeing issues have been chained to the ground.

Law enforcement say the victims at a rehabilitation centre in Katsina point out were being subjected to “inhumane and degrading treatment”

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