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Amitabh Bachchan shoots 4 campaign movies in a working day: ‘It’s a wrestle to be back again on your feet’


Actor Amitabh Bachchan is again in the get the job done manner in the proper earnest. As he returns to the sets just after recovering from the coronavirus, he has embraced work with a vengeance.

“Yooo .. hooo !!! .. back to the grind and do the job .. 4 marketing campaign movies .. 5 outfit improvements .. 4 nevertheless shoots .. 5 hrs one working day .. other than me everyone else on the lookout like they ready for a ‘heist’.. and tomorrow on to KBC .. !!” the actor tweeted.

Via his blog, he also gave a glimpse of what his workday looked like. Sharing a couple of images the place he is seated on a wheelchair, Amitabh wrote, “Its been a wrestle to be back on your ft and the thoughtful unit accommodates me with this car or truck of advantage.

The environment are quiet and disciplined, scarce dialogue. A highly regarded seem and steering, care at just about every wheel change, crew about, in search of any requirement from me, experience like a little one in the cradle.

All safeguards of the mask and PPE and length and channels the place I really should wheel away, all set and developed ahead of, folks about to get any recommendations tiredness, relaxation, take in a thing, a espresso or a drink, a break…just say it, no rush no problem.”

He went on to make clear that the wheelchair was a requirement for a single of the shoots.

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