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I am going to borrow for developmental tasks like housing and use them as collateral – Kofi Akpaloo [ARTICLE]


He said there would be no limit borrowing for developmental assignments if elected as President to rule Ghana.

“What is improper with borrowing? Us citizens borrowed and they borrowed and they continued borrowing. I am likely to borrow as extensive as the cash is obtainable. I will borrow as significantly as I can. I am not going to have any limit,” he mentioned on Accra-dependent Citi FM.

He said his authorities will use the dollars to embark of a housing job which will be used as collateral.

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In accordance to him, “I will use those residences as collateral [for more loans]. I will use people homes as assets… When you have funds and the funds does not do just about anything, that is the place your contemplating comes in about inflation. I am heading to put the cash into programmes and into assignments.”

In the meantime, Kofi Akpaloo has promised that he would transform and transform the Ghanaian economic climate if voted to power.

He mentioned he will employ the Ghanaian students’ totally free university education if elected as President in his very first expression.

According to him, the up coming LPG government will make sure that learners do not fork out expenses at the college amount.

“All College learners will not pay back costs, I will apply this plan in my first term if am elected as President of Ghana,” Kofi Akpaloo famous.

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