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The Painted Chook: Stellan Skarsgård on the film’s ‘brutal violence’


When The Painted Bird premiered at the Venice Movie Competition final yr, it sparked a blaze of headlines. But not essentially for the proper motives.

“Audience members combat every other to escape initial screening of Holocaust film,” described The Day-to-day Mail.

Viewers have been still left “sickened and distressed” at the premiere, in accordance to The Sun, after observing the “brutal scenes of incest, bestiality, rape, mutilation and murder”.

But the movie also prompted rave evaluations from critics, lots of of whom hailed it as a “masterpiece” and awarded it five stars.

So what is the truth?

The Painted Chicken is dependent on the 1965 novel of the exact title by Jerzy Kosiński, and follows an unnamed Jewish boy escalating up in Jap Europe in the course of Entire world War Two.

The story sees the boy (played in the movie by Petr Kotlar) knowledge and witness violence so brutal it would traumatise any youngster – or adult for that matter.

Petr Kotlar, now 13, has been commonly praised for his foremost general performance in the film

But though it was also significantly for some audiences to abdomen, the film’s Czech director, Václav Marhoul, performed down the festival walkouts.

“In the to start with screening in Venice, it was 1,500 people and a greatest of 70 walked out. That implies that 1,430 individuals stayed,” Marhoul advised The Guardian, in what is perhaps not the most convincing pitch a director has at any time made for their film.

“And the future day, from 1,200 folks, possibly 5 left. And then journalists are creating about this large walkout. I really don’t have an understanding of it. It is mad!”

Stellan Skarsgård, who appears in The Painted Chicken, acknowledges the movie will not be to everyone’s taste.

“I’m guaranteed for some men and women it was as well a lot to acquire, due to the fact when violence is offered in this unflinching way, it becomes uncomfortable, and some people are extra sensitive to it,” the actor tells BBC News.

“So I’m guaranteed some of them remaining because of that. But I can notify you that, I was there at the Venice premiere, and I noticed very a handful of of people coming back again – so quite possibly they just didn’t have three-hour bladders.”

Skarsgård received a Golden World previously this 12 months for his effectiveness in HBO miniseries Chernobyl

In The Painted Bird’s opening sequence, the youthful boy’s pet ferret is taken and burned alive in front of him. Later on, he is forced to consume alcoholic beverages and thrown into an open up cesspit. At 1 stage he is buried in the ground up to his neck and left to be pecked by crows.

Some other scenes are way too graphic to be explained in print. It is a disturbing view in sites and surely not for the faint hearted.

Kotlar, who is now 13, was not uncovered to the most harrowing times of the film. Lots of scenes of the film are shot from his stage of look at, which implies he did not have to be existing on set while they have been currently being filmed.

Skarsgård notes that violence is hardly an abnormal ingredient in Hollywood, but it’s normally depicted in a additional sanitised way.

“There’s substantially much less violence [in The Painted Bird] than in any Marvel movie – the variance is that when there is violence, it is taken severely,” says the actor, who himself has appeared in the Marvel franchise.

“Violence is not pleasurable and really should not be pleasurable. So you can criticise the film for not displaying enjoyable or captivating or sweet sufficient violence, but this is depicting violence as one thing brutal, which it is to the folks uncovered to it.

Skarsgård says the violence depicted on display is brutal but realistic

He adds: “I really do not want youngsters to develop up imagining violence is like a Star Wars movie exactly where 150 storm troopers die, and you never expend one particular 2nd thinking about their wives and young children! Violence has consequences, and you also have to have movies that admit that.”

But it’s critical to note that violence does not outline the entire film. Numerous critics reported the a few-hour epic, which is shot in black and white, is also superbly cinematic, telling its tale in a mainly visible way with minimum dialogue.

“I can point out without the need of hesitation that this is a monumental piece of function and one I’m deeply happy to have noticed,” stated The Guardian’s Xan Brooks, but extra: “I can also say that I hope to never cross its route again.”

‘A type of magic’

The Painted Chook is finally produced this weekend, having been delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s available digitally, but also being screened in selected cinemas, a deliberate go by the filmmakers who were eager to have a significant monitor launch.

“It’s a film which is extremely hard to observe on your Apple iphone, considering the fact that the imagery is what speaks to you,” says Skarsgård. “It wants the theatre in a way, or at least a very significant display screen, simply because it’s incredibly beautifully shot. The contrast amongst the wonderful shots and the severe and brutal story, definitely rocks you in your seat in a odd way.”

The discussion about streaming and cinema has been raging in current weeks as theatres begin to reopen right after lockdown. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has been effective at the United kingdom box office environment but Mulan skipped the significant display screen for Disney Additionally.

Skarsgård doesn’t automatically feel a large screen launch is important for each and every motion picture, for the reason that “not all films are dependent on the cinematic language” – but he says The Painted Hen is a single that unquestionably is.

Petr Kotlár was nominated for the Czech Lion Award for finest actor in leading purpose

Though it’s not difficult for a film which is very long, subtitled and shot in black and white to be prosperous (see 2019’s Oscar-profitable Roma), it also doesn’t scream box business office strike.

For the film’s director, Václav Marhoul, the black-and-white procedure was vital supplied the content in the e-book.

“I’m 1 of those people filmmakers who – even inspite of today’s wonderful alternatives of digital filming – is persuaded that the damaging is in essence irreplaceable and that it gives movie a form of magic,” he describes in the film’s press notes.

“The destructive is extra reliable, in particular for one thing like The Painted Chicken, which is in black and white specifically to fortify the essential narrative line. Filming it in color would have been a catastrophe. It would have looked completely unconvincing, pretend, business.”

Skarsgård concludes: “It’s a movie of a type that is incredibly really hard to finance today, it is in the style of the common really cinematic movies from Japanese Europe in the 60s and 70s, but it does not promote substantially popcorn, and popcorn is extremely essential currently.”

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