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Ho West NPP parliamentary applicant David Togbe Nfodjo supports BECE candidates with math sets


A candidate receiving a mathematical established from a team member of Dr. Nfodjo

The New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Parliamentary Prospect for Ho West Constituency, Dr. David Togbe Nfodjo has offered mathematical sets to some Primary Education and learning Certificate Exams (BECE) candidates in his jurisdiction. 

A whole of 1,456 candidates from 68 Junior High Universities in the constituency benefited from the distribution physical exercise. 

According to Dr. Nfodjo, a survey in the area disclosed that most candidates in the space absence simple necessary merchandise for the tests because of to their inadequate qualifications, “hence get to the examinations corridor with quite minimal confidence.” 

He additional that this educated his conclusion initiative to support the candidates with mathematical sets to develop their assurance in advance of the exams.

“I created the donations to ensure we never have a problem in which candidates won’t have drawing applications throughout exams, as a result would have to wait to borrow from a close friend or use free hands”, he stated.

Dr. Nfodjo further more indicated the presentation varieties section of his ‘Better Education and learning Policy’ which he aims to implement when voted to characterize Ho West in Parliament. 

He additional that he experienced mobilised autos to express candidates in tricky to attain places to their exams centers, and implored the candidates to assure the execute exceedingly nicely in the BECE to allow benefit from the Free Senior Superior University plan. 

A beneficiary, Evans Agbotse, expressed gratitude to the NPP Computer for the form gesture indicating the mathematical would aid them throughout the exams.

“We won’t have to be inquiring our good friends for maths set or any other gear. We definitely value the donation,” he pressured.

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