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Uganda jail crack: Manhunt for ‘naked’ Moroto prisoners


7 out of 219 prisoners who escaped from a jail in north-japanese Uganda have been recaptured, officials say.

Some of the fugitives reportedly took off their exclusive yellow prison uniforms and fled bare into the hills to steer clear of detection.

The escapees are assumed to be trying to use mountain routes to cross the border into Kenya.

The inmates killed a soldier right after they broke out of the facility in Moroto on Wednesday.

An military spokesperson explained two inmates escapees experienced also been killed.

The military and jail officials are pursuing the escapees, who reportedly made off with 15 guns and ammunition.

The jail facility, which commonly has a populace of far more than 600 inmates, is built on the foothills of Mount Moroto, on the edge of the town.

The internet site has been set under lockdown as investigations into how the jailbreak occurred get underneath way.

Nearby reviews on Wednesday mentioned the shoot-out introduced company in Moroto to a standstill.

Moroto is the most important town in Karamoja, a semi-arid pastoralist region with a history of cattle rustling and gun violence, the BBC’s Persistence Atuhaire experiences from Kampala.

A authorities disarmament programme in the early 2000s took most of the guns out of the hands of civilians, but sporadic clashes among distinctive communities carry on our correspondent notes.

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