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Your absence made a huge gap – Minerals Fee boss to Little Scale Miners Affiliation


Main Govt of the Minerals Fee Addae Antwi Boasiako says the absence of Nationwide Executives of Small Scale Miners Association has designed a “huge structural gap” in the sector with a cascading effect on the overall economy.

Addressing the recently elected executives on Thursday he stated leaders really should get to task by closing ranks, brainstorming and profess remedies to help improve on the sector.

He urged them to be brave and place forward plan proposals they think would add to repairing the a lot of difficulties plaguing the mining sector.

“When the phrase of the aged executive expired and there was no immediate elections to swap them, there was a huge hole, since there was lack of framework inside the last 12 months and a half.

“It’s a aid to us that you’ve begun shelling out tax and our checks display that with each other with the Chamber of Gold Exporters, you’ve compensated taxes up to the tune of about ¢94 million this yr,” he said.

Mr Boasiako was optimistic that with a reinstated leadership, smaller scale miners would be a lot more organised, regulated, and an association with huge potential customers.

He also applauded the affiliation for using the preliminary initiative of setting up a taskforce to fight illegal mining on the country’s rivers and other h2o sources even before the point out took the decisive stage of putting a wholesale moratorium on their trade.

“Your taskforce was really successful and a single of the points we have talked over is to sign up for forces so you can rise to the level of the Chamber of mines,” he stated.

As a goodwill gesture, Mr Boasiako advised the miners that going forward, the Fee will undertake a “down-up approach” which will give home for miners to raise issues that will characteristic in conclusion generating that will right influence on operations within just the tiny scale mining sector.

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