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Viewpoint: Lamentations of a registered Ghanaian voter [ARTICLE]


You promised and confident us of superior expert services when you have been appointed to head the Electoral Fee (EC) in July 2018.

You promised us of a more credible voters sign-up. You promised us an all-inclusive Electoral Commission but now you do not even want to pay attention to the views of IPAC. You promised to defend and judiciously control the assets of the EC which is remaining funded with our taxes. Now, look at what we are encountering.

We all understood your affiliation to the governing NPP but we thought that your professionalism was heading to just take the higher hand in your working day to working day operating of the commission. Glance at what we are encountering now.

1 of your deputies, specifically Dr. Bossman Asare who allegedly was one time a patron of the University of Ghana department of TESCON, referred to the most significant opposition celebration, the National Democratic Congress (NDC), as a danger to democracy in this country on the 26th of April, 2019. A quite regrettable assertion that has not been condemned by you or the commission until day. Now, seem at what we are suffering from.

You have been given more than $150million to compile a new sign up which was a extremely useless work out since the current register was credible and had just been used to elect our assembly users and also for the referendum on the creation of new locations. The motives you gave had been that the current sign-up was overstretched and also the effects of the elections on December 7th could be quickly manipulated. These causes, however unattainable, have been what you utilised to hold the state to ransom. Now, look at what we are enduring.

You conducted the registration workout at a time when anxiousness over the dreadful COVID-19 was very higher but we however managed to queue from dawn to get our names onto the new sign up. We did that risking our life and that of our households.

You done an exhibition training just more than a 7 days back and to the shock of numerous, names of folks who registered had been copiously missing without any clarification. The intriguing component of this is that most of the names missing ended up from strongholds of the opposition NDC. It may perhaps be purely coincidental but the posture of your administration to the NDC presents it a distinctive twist which shouldn’t be taken flippantly.

You assert you have taken shipping of all the 75,000 biometric verification devices (BVD) but you deployed only 5,000 of all those products for the exhibition workout. Madam Jean Mensa, we are nonetheless waiting around for the purpose for that choice. There have been reports of individuals getting problems with the BVDs verifying their biometric information in the northern aspect of this region and one particular can only say that as soon as it has occurred in spots exactly where the BVDs had been sent, it can happen anyplace in the state so why did you not deploy all the BVDs to the more than 33,000 polling stations? What takes place on December 7th when a voter are not able to be verified biometrically?

You printed Voter ID cards during the exhibition exercising, a thing that is alien to the country, without the know-how and participation of political functions and the individuals impacted. The explanation(s) you did that without the involvement of the political get-togethers is/are nevertheless not known and your assertion released on the 21st of September relatively still left far more inquiries than responses. You promised an all-inclusive EC, now seem at what we are encountering.

Whoever is careless with the reality in tiny matters are not able to be trustworthy with important matters” – Albert Einstein

Madam Jean Mensa, you are now telling us that you are not able to manipulate the December 7th final results since you serve Christ Jesus. I go through a publication on the information portal of Citi FM, citinewsroom.com, that you have restored all the lacking names in the provisional sign up. In the direct terms of Mr. Franklyn Cudjoe, the founder of IMANI Africa, “How do we know of what the EC now tells us, that is has fixed the elementary faults it really is pointless $150million ‘super machines’ served in mangling hundreds of hundreds of voter data? Just because the EC chairperson suggests she is a Christian and thinks in God as if we people who recommended against this unnecessary workout dine with lesser gods”. I aspect with the responses produced by Mr. Cudjoe since you built assuring statements on the integrity of the new devices and appear at what it brought us.

“The time is constantly correct to do what is right” – Martin Luther King

I have only just one request to make. Madam Jean Mensa, can we have a complete vetting of the administrative, technological, and operational methods of the EC now? This check out has been shared by lots of nicely-meaning Ghanaians. This is to guarantee the trustworthiness that has been eroded by your possess arms is restored ahead of the December 7th elections.

By: Efo Edem

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