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New regions betrayed Akufo-Addo – Obiri Boahen laments [ARTICLE]


In accordance to him, even though the ruling government has taken care of electric power, it feels like a loss.

He lamented on how the NPP dropped in the new locations developed by President Akufo-Addo.

Noting that some of the freshly produced regions were not fair with the ruling authorities, he motioned, “we established far more locations and drew procedures to help them and they voted against us. How can you feel comfy in these kinds of a situation”, he asked.

Examining how the NPP shed its mind-boggling the greater part in Parliament, he claimed on Accra centered Joyful FM that it provides him sleepless nights.

“Personally I am not amazed with the outcome of the elections. If we experienced 169 seats in parliament and they diminished to 168 and now we have 137 seats, then, there is a issue. If our parliamentary seats have diminished, will you say we have finished properly? We championed 4 Far more for Nana and we have got that but now, we simply cannot chortle and have enjoyable since we have shed some seats”.

‘We’ll give NDC another sound beating in 2020’ – Obiri Boahen

‘We’ll give NDC a further audio beating in 2020’ – Obiri Boahen

On his accord, the party losing some seats has specified them sleepless nights. “When you lose some seats you can’t even snooze and have desires. If Wenchi of all sites has been missing, then it is a challenge. Even though we gained some of the seats, it has been additional distressing dropping some”, he mentioned.

Obiri Boahen included that a lot of variables led the get together to eliminate most of it is parliamentary seats at the just ended elections. “We have established up a committee to go into it and find out the cause which we seek to address”, he said.

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