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Cocoa farmers urged to embrace mass spraying exercising


The Nsawam–Adoagyiri Municipal Main Farmer in the Eastern Location, Nana Kumi Abiesi on Monday mentioned COCOBOD has greater spraying devices in the various cocoa rising places to help the spraying gangs to get to each farm to combat the capsid virus.   

Speaking at a meeting with cocoa farmers at Nsawam, he reported embracing the mass cocoa spraying work out would help farmers to boost the crop generate.   

Nana Kumi, also the Chief of Abiesi in close proximity to Nsawam stated when farmers embraced the programme it would support increase the national cocoa output therefore decreasing poverty among the farmers.   

He mentioned the spraying exercise was component of the cocoa creation system and its introduction was a testimony of government’s willpower to assistance make improvements to the cocoa sector.   

The chief farmer, thus, urged the farmers to embrace the mass spraying exercising and also make it possible for their infested cocoa trees to be slice and replanted to raise yield.

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