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How to pronounce Exhaustion properly


Tv of Monday, 11 January 2021

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Instructor, Lerny Lomoteyperform video clipTeacher, Lerny Lomotey

Welcome to class!

Your teacher is Lerny Lomotey, a diploma holder in Theatre Arts from the College of Ghana, the place she examined English, Psychology and Theatre Arts and took Voice & Speech and Efficient Interaction programs with Ms. Roberta Gardner as her lecturer.

She is a multitalented inventive.

As a media identity, she is passionate about the proper pronunciation of phrases with her concentration on diction, inflection and enunciation when she speaks. The eloquent Lomotey discovered that specified text are consistently mispronounced or pronounced the “Ghanaian way”.

This realization encouraged the require to create educational films to suitable mentioned faults with her satirical Word of 7 days (WOW) sequence on her Instagram web page and YouTube channel. For every Word of Week episode, she will allow you know one word you are (possibly) declaring Completely wrong and how to pronounce this English word Appropriately.

The online video unveiled on Mondays has viewed her instruct how to effectively pronounce nutmeg, almond, pronunciation between other phrases.

In this episode of Word Of Week, Lomotey is training you to discover and pronounce EXHAUSTION the right way.

Do you know the right pronunciation of this term? Simply click on the video clip beneath to verify no matter if you pronounced it properly. If you did not, discover how to pronounce it appropriately.


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