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It is all right to established chastity as your new 12 months resolution- Singer advises


Amusement of Thursday, 14 January 2021

Resource: e.Tv Ghana


Zakia Kunge appeared on Girl Vibes show which airs on eTV GhanaZakia Kunge appeared on Lady Vibes display which airs on eTV Ghana

Ghanaian singer, Zakia Kunge, has declared that it is all right for one particular to come to a decision on chastity as their resolution for a new 12 months.

Interviewed by the Ekumfi Princess Mercy Bee on the award-profitable Lady Vibes present which airs on eTV Ghana, she pointed out that new year resolutions can slash throughout any component of one’s daily life, as a result, as intercourse and appreciate lifestyle is also an significant component of lifetime, it totally can make feeling if someone wants to make chastity their new yr resolution.

“In our modern society, we never talk about these points and we faux it doesn’t occur but someone can come to a decision that for whatsoever rationale, they want to stay chaste and stay away from intimacy so that they can emphasis and that is great.

Psychologists will inform you that occasionally, staying absent from a romance may possibly give you that flexibility of intellect to target so if a person needs to devote their time to growing in their job or obtaining a task, they may determine they never want to have a relationship”, she said.

According to her, connection in alone is a task on its very own since it is a entire process of receiving to know one more person, hence for anyone who feels that they are at a stage in their life where by they want to continue to be chaste so that they can target on by themselves in other factors, they must come to feel free to do so and other individuals must respect that final decision.

She created an instance with Kidi who posted on social media on the 31st of December that he has efficiently been celibate all over the calendar year and opined that the Sugar daddy’s determination to be celibate may perhaps have been the purpose for his many strike tunes because he channeled all his vitality and concentrate on his do the job and not his sexual intercourse life.

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