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‘Aisha Modi has achieved her meeter’ – Social media respond to Shatta Wale-Aisha Modi feud


Amusement of Tuesday, 2 February 2021

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Aisha Modi and Shatta WaleAisha Modi and Shatta Wale

Subsequent the back and forth that ensued involving musician Shatta Wale and Aisha Modi which was characterised with potent language on Instagram, social media has reacted.

Several of these social media people are either supporters of Shatta Wale who are hailing him for tearing Aisha Modi apart or neutrals who are just having fun with the violence.

Previously today, Shatta Wale went on Instagram are living session to address some personalized troubles he has with Aisha Modi and some severe allegations that have been levelled versus him and fuelled by the very same human being.

The SM Boss, as we know him, despatched a robust information to Aisha Modi and threatened to conquer her up.

He also utilized the very same medium to clear some accusations.

No faster had Shatta Wale concluded with his ranting than Aisha Modi also went live on Instagram. She additional far more fuel to the hearth and sent some robust unreserved phrases to Shatta Wale.

This feud or greater nevertheless a digital expression of animosity in direction of just about every other by Shatta Wale and Aisha Modi has acquired numerous conversing on social media.

For some, Shatta Wale must transfer away from fighting persons when to some others, Aisha Modi justifies all the warmth from Shatta Wale.

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