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ANYENINI LegalLight: Spot fines, name Covid MPs, assistance police, secure us


The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic and Ghana, by law, immediately responsibly declared it a public health and fitness unexpected emergency.

The virus is threatening the world-wide inhabitants, fast depleting it and ravaging economies.

Covid-19 acquired the Condition to suspend our constitutional and fundamental human legal rights with lock-downs and privateness-invading laws.

Covid-19 has compelled legal guidelines that have noticed people dropping their positions and livelihoods. Health specialists and employees have taken threats that even get rid of them.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=RCwh5TDXfJY

Outlets have been shut for breaching the basic safety protocols. Persons, primarily lousy hawkers have been rounded up in their hundreds to deal with the criminal penalty of GHC 12 – 60,000 and/or 4-10 a long time in prison.

Our MPs believed this was the way to safeguard men and women from Covid-19. We created guidelines demanding mandatory quarantine for those who examination good.

Mr. Speaker, the irresponsible MPs are a danger to by themselves and all of us.

They do not have any proper deserving of defense. Cease cautioning and threatening to disclose their identities if they go on to go to Parliament realizing they carry the virus.

The very same Constitution that provides the appropriate to privacy, requires that right absent from an particular person for the prevalent good and for public health.

By the way, the law you built for the lousy is not operating. It is stretching and endangering the law enforcement and the hundreds they arrest only at the command of a President.

Evidently, they move out only to prevent a President’s unjust anger. They stage out only a working day and they arrest hundreds. They will require busses to express them, stadiums of police cells to maintain and system them for stadiums of court premises and prisons. What an uncomplicated way to distribute Covid-19?

This is why the law enforcement have relatively taken to mounting strategies to generate awareness and teach men and women about the virus and about the have to have to observe the preventative protocols such as sporting the mask. There actually are quite quite a few who truly can’t manage a mask and might not be encouraged to use their handkerchiefs or a cloth to serve the protective intent.

On the few events they stepped out, about the period of time, they, at the last depend, have arrested a full of 1,326 folks. They have successfully secured convictions for 175 when many others have been acquitted and discharged.

But the law enforcement exercised the most effective discretion freeing 961 by offering 484 verbal cautions and issuing published cautions to 477 to go and sin no extra.
You paid out GHC 20.00 spot high-quality and handed a mask to have on in Ho.

The Assembly passed this intelligent, humane, and simple to enforce by-regulation when the State delayed in creating a regulation to compel sporting a mask. They just reactivated it.

Place fines breed corruption between enforcers but, surely, the corruption will not be as a great deal as the grand heartless rape of the general public purse by godless politicians.

Somewhere else in India, municipalities cost about $3.00 and hand violators a mask. This has not only enhanced compliance and safety but mobilized significant funds for local authorities to boost their fight from Covid-19.

What we are accomplishing is not performing as it is impractical and wicked. You breached the regulation with impunity for votes. Stop threatening stiffer sanctions.

The law enforcement are not amused. Our laws make it possible for local authorities to make by-guidelines for such cases.

Which is your authorized light.

Samson Lardy ANYENINI
February 6, 2021 – Challenge #4

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